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Friends, relatives and many of you write to me:
Where do you suggest us to go on vacation this summer?

Good question! That’s how I decided to write an article dedicated to those who want to know where to travel for their next vacation! Let’s start!

Where to travel : Italy

For those who love the sea

1) Amalfi Coast
The Amalfi coast will conquer your heart. You can go to discover Positano, Amalfi and then reach the magical Capri. A holiday on the Amalfi Coast will allow you to combine a wonderful landscape with an incredible sea!
Then read what I wrote: What to see in Positano, discover the Amalfi coast.

Fornillo Beach - Positano

Fornillo Beach

2) Basilicata On The Road
Here we are in one of my favorite Italian place. Basilicata meets all tastes. It has beautiful cities to discover, unique architectural beauties, art, culture and a wonderful sea.
I told you about my trip to Basilicata On The Road, read it HERE!

You can cross the whole region on board a car rented on as we did, or go directly to the seaside towns! Read the article and let me know what you think; I am sure you will enjoy it!

where to travel in italy

For the city lovers

Many of you know that I can never decide. Sometimes I prefer the sea and others the mountains, but my love for the cities certainly remains. Walking among the museums, being enchanted by incredible works, sculptures that take your breath away. Our Italy has wonderful cities and here I list only some of my favorites!

3) Florence

Everything in Florence spins greatness, taste, humanity, purity, and beauty, in the highest degree. I think I would be happier here with you, than anywhere else. This is the greatest praise I can give to this city.
There are billions of poems, aphorisms and quotes on Florence, but my favorite is this.
Florence is taste. Florence is art, history, elegance.
And one of the cities that I recommend for those who ask me where to travel in, is it.
Discovering Italy: What to do in Florence!What to see in Italy : Florence

4) Turin
Well, do not be surprised if in this list I also put Turin. I had no expectations about this city, so when I saw it I was hit. It’ s absolutely wonderful.
It was the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy and part of its historic center has been recognized World Heritage by UNESCO since 1997.
What are you waiting for? Discover the 10 things not to be missed in Turin!

5) Verona
Romantic, sometimes poetic, paths that intersect with each other, walls and buildings that tell stories of devastation from which Verona is reborn, stronger and more beautiful than before. Verona is love.
Where to go on holiday this year for those who love to visit the city and discover every secret? Verona is the answer! Read the article I wrote telling you what to see in Verona, between charm and poetry!where to travel - Verona6) Matera
Did you have doubts? Could I not mention the city of my heart? Matera is EVERYTHING.
Matera is in its best years, lush and proud, catches the eye and captures the heart. World Heritage Site, its historic center and the most famous stones in the world make you fall in love! And we want to talk about food?
Try it to believe it! I’ve talked about it here – Holidays in Italy: what to see in Matera.where to travel in italy

Where to travel abroad, having a few days available

7) Lovers of the sea? I can recommend Barcelona!
Friendly people, lots of sun, the sea, fun and … Gaudì with its marvelous works.
Barcelona every year hosts crowds of tourists who are enthusiastic about it, and I’m sure you’ll love it too! What are you waiting for? Find out what to see in Barcelona in 1, 2 or 3 days!barcelona
8) London
It’s true, it’s often rainy. But it’s also incredibly fascinating! All of us have had the desire to visit it, isn’t it? So here’s where to go on vacation for a few days!
I wrote you HERE, a short guide; London in 3 days! You will like it.

9) Paris
“I can never decide if Paris is more beautiful by day or by night” (from the movie: Midnight in Paris)
I believe there is no better sentence. City of lights and city of love…
If you are undecided about where to go on vacation, Paris is a perfect idea.
Give a read to the guide I wrote for you about Paris: where to go and what not to get lost! I know for sure that you will not regret it.Parigi - where to travel

10) Amsterdam
Oh Amsterdam. Wonderful (how cold) in winter, and lush, floral, colorful and fragrant in summer. Where to go on vacation? Amsterdam. Its famous windmills, its historical buildings, traditions and culture … in short, nothing is missing in the Dutch capital!
I told you every corner of this city in this article: What to see at Amsterdam in 3 days

11) As an answer on where to go on holiday this year, I could not not mention Dubai.
In just a few years it has gone from desert and absolute desolation to the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates!
We are outside of Europe, immersed in a culture totally different from ours that can enrich us with experiences and knowledge.

Read my article where I tell you about Dubai, what to see and also … what to know!

Where to go on holiday abroad having more days available

For those who have the opportunity to have more days available
and want to go to the discovery of the world

12) United States
What about the United States.
For those who prefer cities, I told you what to do in the majestic New York, HERE.

For those who love adventure, I have told you about our journey through the wonderful parks and canyons that underpin the United States, in the article From Las Vegas to the parks of the United States, immersed in the amazing American nature.

And for those who prefer the sea? Then the right destination is without doubt California, from North to South, from Los Angeles to Hollywood, from Malibu, Venice Beach to Santa Barbara, on a journey that believe me, you will NEVER forget.
Find out in this article, California on The Road, and let yourself be conquered by this journey that will make you love and appreciate a land as far away as beautiful!

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

13) Indonesia
Here we are in one of the countries where the hand of man has not yet prevailed. Rich in biodiversity, unexplored areas, an incredible sea, a coral reef to leave speechless.
An extraordinary landscape.
17 thousand islands form it, and you can’t visit them all in one trip! Which to choose?
Read the article I wrote for you, the islands of Indonesia: the 10 most beautiful, to live a dream.

14) Philippine
We stay in Asia, and we talk about the paradisiacal white beaches that distinguish the islands of the Philippines. Destination Low Cost, the Philippines are perfect for your holidays.
The hospitality of the people, their kindness, the unexplored oases, the wild beaches, the crystal clear sea and the cobalt blue sky, the Philippines will conquer you and it will not be easy to return home after living surrounded by such a great splendor.
I told you about this beautiful country HERE, discover my travel tips.where to travel : Filippine

15) Safari in South Africa
I could not fail to mention one of the most enriching experiences in life. Face to face with nature, in the natural habitat of the most beautiful animals in the world! The best time is September, when the weather is not wet.
For those who want alternative holidays, full of adventure…
A Self Drive Safari is the right answer! I’ll tell you why and how to organize one right HERE.

And now you just have to choose where to go on vacation!
And remember, the only rule of the trip is not to return as you left.
Come back different.

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