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We are used to making and unpacking and getting ready to go, so we know what to pack if our destination is hot or if the cold is hard!
Now the dream of a lifetime is going to come true! We have traveled far and wide treading more than 60 countries, but we have never been to Iceland yet.
Finally we decided to leave and go to discovery this country that is as cold as beautiful, to see with our eyes the magic northern lights, the power of the geysers and the famous hot springs where you dive into the water boiling in icy landscape.What to pack

When to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights?

Who goes to Iceland has the dream to see with his own eyes this magical nature! The Northern Lights are visible 8 months a year, from September to mid-April. In this period it’s possible at any moment that the Lights appear; to see them the sky must be dark and serene, with few (or none) clouds, so it depends on your luck. The longer you stay in Iceland, the more you will have the chance to stumble across this natural spectacle, even if we are sure it’s a trip that will give you unforgettable moments!

Here is a simple guide for you to leave without forgetting anything and without regretting not having packed something essential!
So, what to pack to go to cold?

Thermal clothing is essential, we prefer to wear t-shirts and thermal tights by wearing them under normal clothes, to stay warmer. A good brand that resells this type of clothing and that is very valid is SilverSkin; Italian, their products are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-odor, breathable and thermoregulators! Moreover they are really comfortable as they are completely made without any seam.

It’s obvious that you put clothes in your suitcase! If our destination is a cold place though, our advice is to bring many clothes! Dressing in layers is essential, there may be many temperature variations and it will avoid cooling immediately.

When it’s cold, the first parts of the body that are affected are hands and feet! SOCKS and GLOVES you mustn’t forget them at home; We prefer to use under socks and under thermal gloves to make sure you do not freeze at the ends! Moreover, the HAT as well as a warm SCARF can prove vital!

This actually depends on your destination and the type of trip you want to do … you know we love walking paths and shoes are essential to not slip on the snow and to stay warm and sheltered from the rain!

Everything on this list is essential but I recommend that the jacket is windproof and waterproof. In cold places it will be easy to find rainy days or heavy snowfall as well as cold winds. Do not underestimate the importance of the jacket!

If you do not have a waterproof jacket, bring a rain cape, it’s not the same thing, but it’s better to have it than to regret not having put it in your suitcase!

What to pack? GPS
In places like Iceland the navigator is essential, make sure you have an internet connection or if you rent a car to move, rent it with GPS included! If you want advice to rent a car, never disappoints! And to drive in Iceland, better a 4×4!

What to pack? TORCH 
It seems not important but in Iceland alternates so much light in so dark and a flashlight in a suitcase can be useful, especially to make the best use of the camera in low light conditions!

Go to Iceland with sunglasses? Yes, the snow reflects the light and can become dazzling, in addition, the sunglasses also shelters from the wind, so … put it in your suitcase!

In Iceland the hot springs are a MUST and you can not fail to give in to the temptation to immerse yourself; (do not wet your head because the outside temperature is too low and you would be very cold!) A swimwear then becomes useful and the microfiber towel will dry out much before any towel.

Here we are at the most beautiful part!
Going to Iceland involves having a camera to take pictures about unforgettable moments and landscapes! Do not forget to bring the tripod and spare batteries!
By now you know us, in our every adventure our beloved Reflex (recommended wide-angle lens, possibly 24 mm down and with a good brightness) and the beloved GoPRO come with us, but for this trip we wanted to have a drone too.We discovered a company that we fell in love with, PaladinTrue allows you to rent the equipment you want and use it for up to 7 days, then you can decide whether to buy it at an advantageous price! They have products for every taste and need, and we’ve decided to rent the drone we dream so much! We will shoot amazing photos and videos!Travel to Iceland

Could I leave without my planner who is daily part of me?
As a good agenda-addicted, I suggest you to pack a notebook where before leaving you can write places to visit, attractions to see, hotels where to stay … Before taking a flight, we have already planned every days so to not waste precious time. In this regard I recommend an Italian company that I recently discovered, Mr. Wonderful. Their planners, diaries, notebooks and much more will be the perfect travel companions! On each one there are positive sentences that will tear your smile and give you the right charge to start the day!Mr Wonderful

What to pack? BACKPACK
A backpack, possibly large but light enough to take with you on the different hikes you will do! If it is not water-repellent, bring a waterproof backpack cover (easily purchased online) to keep it dry in case of rain or sleet! For this trip we have opted for a backpack MissWood Barcelona, a new and expanding site where you can find many gift ideas for passionate travelers like us (and you!)
On this site we found one backpack that is right for us! Whether backpack or bag depending on how you prefer to wear it, it’s made of canvas and dyed using the traditional Batik method, a technique originally from India that has become famous in Indonesia. This technique allows colors to withstand good weather, washing and sunlight. It is also light and extraordinarily large!
Don’t forget to always put inside a thermos that maintain the temperature of a good warm tea or fresh water, will prove very important!

The currency is the Icelandic crown but the euro is accept in many places. To avoid problems the ideal is to pay by credit card, which is also accept for sums not too high.

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