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What to do in Amsterdam in 3 days


I wish to tell you about a wonderful city. With its colors, flowers, with its history, its monuments and historic buildings and cyclists everywhere… Amsterdam conquered me!

We spent just three days here, but it is enough to find out the most important wonders that belong to this city! The winter is really cold, the best time to be here is during the spring, where the sun allows nice temperatures and the nature blooms!


What to do in Amsterdam | where to sleep?

First of all you have to know that Amsterdam is expensive. The best hotels are near dam square, the main one. Alternatively in peripheral areas prices drop, just make sure to be close to the public transports.

What to do in Amsterdam | how to get around?

One of the best way to visit Amsterdam is by bike;
Alternatively, public transports abound and the service is good. Bus, Metro, trains … but also walking is not bad! The main attractions are not far from each other.

What to do in Amsterdam | day 1


What to do in Amsterdam
The main square, here you’ll find some monuments such as Royal Palace (koninklijk paleis), the new Church (nieuwe Church) and the National monument (nationaal monument). There is also the wax Museum of Madame Tussauds, and in the Easter’s days also a big Ferris wheel!

We walk through the alleys without a destination, we observe the architecture of the houses, the typical Dutch shops, we arrive on Oudezjds Voorburgwal, where the sound of water flowing in the canals, combined with the colors of the flowers and the typical houses makes everything magical and evocative.

Here we are in the red light district, so famous in Amsterdam (who has never heard of it?) But stop. This neighborhood is without a doubt more characteristic in the evening! Now let’s go to ChinaTown!

In the Chinatown of amsterdam you will seem to be in another city! s typical shops, characteristic buildings and obviousl endless Asian restaurants!What to do in Amsterdam in 3 days 

What to do in Amsterdam | where lunch?
There are billions of restaurants that prop up the streets and lanes of the city. Since I am gluten intolerant, it is more difficult to eat everywhere. But from “De Bakkerswinkel” on Warmoesstraat 69, you will also find gluten-free dishes for a quick and light break.

Place where they convey public transport, the station bus with people at any time of the day!What to do in Amsterdam in 3 days 
The building is truly majestic and occupies most of the square. Of a bright orange color, it is impossible not seeing it!

Now we stroll again, on this first day we will not go to museums, but simply we will enjoy the daily life of this city! For a little shopping I want to mention Kalvestraat, one of the busiest streets.

This is an interactive museum dedicated to one of the Dutch pride, the Heineken. Here you will discover one of the most important beers in the world, from birth to manufacturing processes, in an experience that involves all your senses.

What to do in Amsterdam | day 2


This museums is the most impressive you will see and it touches a terrible piece of history. You will walk where Anne Frank and his family have lived for years, hidden, with the fear of being found for a simple racial hatred.

Better to buy the tickets online and some days in advance.

What to do in Amsterdam | where lunch? Just outside the Museum, at your left you will find the pancakes Amsterdam westermarkt, precisely on prinsemgracht, 277. here you can enjoy exceptional pancakes of all tastes, sweet and not, even gluten free!

FLOWER MARKET (bloemenmarkt)
Since 1862, full of colors and perfumes, this famous market of Amsterdam, is devoted entirely to the sale of flowers, seeds and bulbs. Really characteristic!
What to do in Amsterdam - Flowers
Do you have some more time? Don’t miss the boat! The Amsterdam canals, since 2010 considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site, give to the city its historical value. The three main ones are the Prinsengracht (the Princes ‘canal), the Keizersgracht (the emperor’s canal) and the Herengracht (the Lords’ Canal).

Let’s go back to the neighborhood definitely known by everyone, and walk among the classic red lights with its illuminated streets and the so-called “window” girls (boys, they can’t be photographed). Let’s look for a restaurant, there are many all good, just pick one and get inside!


What to do in Amsterdam | day 3

The museum really deserves few hours. You really enter the whole life of Van Gogh from infancy to adulthood, step by step, work after work … on a journey that will make you appreciate every second more and more this painter who has given the world extreme beauties.

Ticket costs around 20usd, buy it online – the audio guide is separate even if we preferred not to take it.

This is the national museum, the most important museum in the Netherlands. Jealously guards works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and many others, along with precious ceramics, antique furniture etc. Precisely for this reason, this museum will take a lot of time, in this case the audio guide will recommend it.

Museum Square

Especially if we visit Amsterdam in the spring, this park is a key stage and if it’s sunny I recommend a nice picnic here, in the middle of the greenery, fountains and nature.

We end the day and also our trip to the Dutch capital at Rembrandtplein, one of the city’s entertainment venues. The area buzzes with locals, pubs, restaurants and … tourists!



Beauty of Amsterdam

Let me know what do you think about this magical city!






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