Visit Florida : from Miami to Key West till DisneyWorld

The United States is a set of totally different states, each with a well-defined identity, with colors, sounds, sometimes even different languages!
Florida is a state that offers many experiences and in this article we’ll discover what to visit in Florida: Miami, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Key West and then Orlando with its beautiful theme parks, like Disney World!

Basically it’s always a good time. Despite this, the months from December to May are better (maximum June).
The remaining months are more at risk of rain and very, very wet.

As some of you know, we prefer to travel on the Road, and for this trip we relied as usual on where we rented an amazing beetle, fantastic for long American roads! Wind in your hair, and go!

Visit Florida

Visit Florida, let’s begin from Miami !

In Miami you will hear more often Spanish than English, in fact this city is full of South Americans! Miami is not as expected, it is a very simple city, where what deserves to be seen is in 3/4 neighborhoods in particular.

What to do in Miami?

Little Havana
A small neighborhood that will inebriate you with its music and dance. Do not miss the famous Ball & Chain, the typical Miami venue, where you can dance Latin music until morning!

Visit Florida

Coral Gables
Delightful neighborhood that deserves to be visited. Even just walking on the Coral Way main street will win you over!
Famous and worthy of mention is the Venetian Pool, a public outdoor swimming pool set up on the initiative of Merrick and his collaborators in 1924, made from a coral rock quarry and inspired by the Venice lagoon.
And then Miracle Mile, the commercial heart of Coral Gables.

Visit Florida @sometravelago
Venetian Pool

Visit Florida | From Miami to Miami Beach

Let’s go now to the amazing Miami Beach.
Palm trees, sand, music, beach bars, shops … people free to be who they want and to do what they prefer.
Miami Beach reminded me a little Venice Beach!


What to do and what to see in Miami Beach?
I wrote you an article with the most beautiful beaches in Miami Beach, listed one by one. If you missed the article then run and read it!

Sometravelago - Miami

We saw Miami, we went from beach to beach to discover the famous Miami Beach … we also reached Key Biscayne and its oasis of tranquility.
Now from here, in about an hour and a half, you’ll find yourself in the Everglades.

Florida on the road


In the Everglades youìll find yourself in an extremely big area, full of greenery, even if marshy and with a humid (very humid!) Climate. But you will be catapulted into the habitat of some animals such as crocodiles, birds of different species, several colorful insects and so on and so forth!
There is the possibility of doing airboat rides in the swamp; but consider that for many companies that organize these excursions, it’s good to book them.

Remember to bring water, snacks, hats, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Dedicate to this area at least a day, it’s really wide.

Everglades, florida @sometravelago

But the wonder of this journey has yet to come. Yes, ’cause for us the wonder was the Keys. Key West took a piece of our heart and kept it.

Key West is an island painted in pastel colors. The sun is always high and when the sunset arrives you watch it with a cocktail in your hands and the music of street artists as the background. Magic.

But I won’t tell you anything else, in the next article I’ll reveal everything to you!

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