Je T’aime, I love you, Ti amo, Te quiero, Eu te amo, T’estimo,
我爱你 , Ich liebe dich, أنا أحبك, S ‘agapó, 私はあなたを愛して

As there are different ways to express how much we love each other,
There are also various ways to celebrate the feast dedicated to lovers and Love!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is mainly celebrated on the 14th of February through the world and is a tradition left apart for lovers; instituted by Pope Gelasius I in 496, this feast took its name from Bishop Valentine of Terni who was murdered by the Romans. He died as martyr at the age of 97.

The Pope who established that feast decided to renown it the day of love, and dedicated it to that saint. The peculiarity of that day since the antiquity is the sharing of gifts and love cards.

This tradition has been transmitted by the Benedictine through their monasteries, in Italy first and then all the over the world. But like it is not a tradition that doesn’t find its roots in religion, the Catholic Church cancelled it from its calendar considering it a feast exploited for commercial ends.

It doesn’t matter why…

Some people celebrate it in February, others in April and even in June,
There are some who offer flowers, cakes or sweets… And there are people who do not celebrate it at all!

Anyway, every year and in most parts of the world, the feast of love is celebrated,
Even if the customs and traditions are all different!


Let’s discover it in the United States:

Valentine's dayIn the USA, celebrations involve the entire family and the 14th of February is in honour of all the affective relationships. Just think about the parents usually offering bouquet of flowers to their children.

People exchange cards, gifts, sweets and specially, flowers.

Children also feel the feast’s effects and you’ll see that in some schools, there are parties organized where children share cards they made off.


Promises and prayers in Brazil:
In Brazil, on the 12th of June is celebrated the “Dia dos Namorados.
With rides and romantic diners, flowers and presents, this day is very similar to the classic Valentine’s Day.

The day dedicated to Saint Anthony, the wedding patron, is more interesting.

On the 13th of June, women who have not yet found their soul mate go around with a small statue of the saint, praying him in order to meet someone as soon as possible.


In Catalonia:

Valentine's day in the World

Every April 23rd in Catalonia, Spanish district which chief town is Barcelona, is celebrated the day of Sant Jordi (Saint Georges) – patron saint of the city, together with the World Book Day that has been established by UNESCO since 1995.
According to the Catalonian tradition, men offer a rose to women who in return give them a book! It’s a particular and captivating custom where romance meets culture.

Is there something better?
Sweetness in Argentina:
Throughout the country of seduction, Valentine’s Day goes on for an entire week where not only love, but also friendship is celebrated!

It’s a good opportunity to show affection by means of sweets and for lovers… Kisses.


Floral love in Taiwan:
Taiwan is famous for its floral heritage and during this festivity, the city becomes a true flowery lawn. We celebrate on the 14th of February and also on the 7th of July.  

The tradition wants men to offer unforgettable flowers to their beloved ones.

What is so strange and special on this tradition? Behind the colours and the number of the flowers, is hidden a specific message.

Only love, everlasting love… or wedding proposal!


White Day in Japan:
Japan always offers genuine traditions and cultures, very singular but fascinating.

The custom sees women offering chocolates to men during this feast.

They use the word HONMEL to express their love, but TOMO CHOKO or GIRI CHOKO as a symbol of friendship.

And men? Exactly one month later, on the 14th of March during the White Day, they wish back with chocolates, absolutely white.


Even in South Korea women offer chocolates to men every February 14th.

Godiva chocolates and others Belgium chocolates brands are the most famous and are offered to express love.

In the other hand, cheaper chocolates are given to express friendship.
Here also, exactly one month later, on March 14th, men show back love to their wifes or fiancée by offering expensive gifts or in some cases… sweets!



Here we are in England:
In England, treats are offered to the ones we love and appreciate.
They are called Love Hearts and are small treats heart shaped.

San Valentine's Day
Let’s imagine yourself reaching the office and finding a pack near to your computer just like it happened to Alice, a Londoner friend of mine… And when you ask where is it coming from, they respond:

“It’s Valentine’s day secret”!

Is it not the perfect moment to offer gifts to the one we love while remaining anonymous?


In Russia though…

Being in majority an absolutely orthodox country, in Russia there are a lot of people not celebrating the Valentine’s Day, because they consider it like a catholic festivity.

Even if it is neither approved nor supported by the government, on the 14th of February, cinema and restaurants are full and lovers spend time there while sharing their gifts and feelings.

Regardless to the religion, it is always beautiful to show off Love, isn’t it?


Let’s conclude our journey in Italy:

On the 14th of February, your love comes and picks you home having a flowers bouquet in his hands, brings you to your favourite restaurant and gives you a gift in front of the candlelight.

An armlet, earrings, a book or some chocolates…

In ITALY, during Valentine’s Day we take out every form of romance!



There should be a reason why Italians are seen like fascinating people, if they want they can stun!


But also we, women, know how to make surprises, and why not to tempt them?

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A special thank you to my friends all over the world who enabled me to write about traditions of their respective countries:

Alice, Albert, Andreia, Jehoon Lee, Elle Lipchina, Jackie and Chrisa.


«That which is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil. »
Friedrich Nietzsche


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