Some prefer the sea and others, mountains… then there are people like me who keep dazzled by both.

I enjoy walking on the sand while admiring the sunset fades out with the horizon,
But the deaf sound of the footsteps on the snow is priceless.

Just take a week-end away or a sabbatical week lost in the dolomites of Trentino!



It’s a strategic location for skiers ahead to the splendid “Cermis Alps” for a day, or a sabbatical week; in fact, at some paths from this Hotel there is the ski bus stop.

Throughout the wonderful Val di Fiemme, only 3 kilometres from Cavalese and 17 kilometres from Predazzo the two main centres of the valley, arises Olimpionico Hotel, in a quiet and peaceful oasis characterized by a classic and attractive architecture of mountain chalet.

A stunning view on the mountains, cleaned and spaced rooms, a very warm staff and the possibility to get profitable offers will only convince you to spend your journey there.

Don’t forget to ask for the “Trentino Guest” which will allow you to visit freely monuments and museums of Trentino.



During winter, it’s really a must and without doubt, the perfect destinations for ski lovers (and Christmas markets, i like them), but during summer time, it offers fresh air and rest from the daily stresses.

Long walks, spectacular landscapes, incredible pictures and stops in the peculiar chalet where you can enjoy a tea while reading a book. Not that bad, right?

To see at CAVALESE:

Cavalese is a very old locality with 4 thousand habitants and a touristic site.

1) The Magnificent community of Fiemme’s Hall is absolutely to be visited in order to discover the historical line and the secrets of this unique territory, the jewel of the locality.

Existing since the middle ages, today it has a XVI century aspect due to the bishops Clesio and Madruzzo.

With the outside already refreshed and perfectly rehabilitated, we can imagine the internal beauty of this palace where is buried a long history.

It has been constructed in the middle ages by the Prince-Bishops of Trento with a purpose to be a headquarter of the big Vicars and a summer time residence; when the bishopric has come to its end at the beginning of the year 800, the palace has become a judiciary prison.

The tour with the oriented guide is excellent! We go in and out from the rooms perfectly refreshed and hosting a wide collection of paintings coming from the Pictorial School of Fiemme: Longo, Rovisi, Giovanelli and more.

Finally we reach the prisons. On the wall of the cells, thanks to the electric torches, we can still distinguish engraving made by prisoners.

During winter, the Hall is surrounded by the famous “Mercatino magnifico” (magnificent market) where, between the numerous ‘cassette’ of the local artisans, you can taste and buy typical products.

2) The Waterfalls of Cavalese offer an ideal starting point for those who want to walk through the nice surrounding green place. On the freezes of Marmolada, rises the stream Avisio, a true natural wealth that offers a fairy landscape.

3) Where to eat? “La Stua” Restaurant Piazza Dante, Cavalese.

It stands at the edge of the ‘piazza dei Francescani’, in the heart of the locality.

Owned by the family Vanzo from generations to generations, in this restaurant you will feel welcome and you will be immersed inside the tradition of Trentino.

The atmosphere is singular, let me say peculiar. Everything is diligently made of wood; the ambience is friendly and warm.

Don’t miss their wine and, go ahead and taste the typical meals!  From the Spatzle with Canederli, polenta… until the inevitable Strudel, DIVINE.


To see at PREDAZZO:

Village of about 4500 habitants, its origins go backward till the year 1100 and today it represents the most populated and extended centre of Val di Fiemme; it’s also an important commercial and junction road.

1) The Geological Museum of Dolomites is a small museum located in the bulk of Predazzo.

Despite its dimensions, it’s really attractive and illustrates in a simple way the formation and geology of dolomites using clarifying images which allow even the children to understand the story and the evolution of this matchless mountains.
The location is tidy thoroughly, it’s quasi all made of wood and the glass cases containing archaeological finds, fossils and minerals tell the story from the old times until today.

Really exciting and newsworthy!

2) Paneveggio Park: suitable also for children, here you will find splendid animals, deer passing nearby, flourishing spruces, majestic trees, long footpaths and natural treads…

Don’t miss this spellbound woodland.

It’s worth going there; you will feel one with the creation.


For those not missing to travel by car even during holidays, DON’T miss:

50 kilometres towards north: BOLZANO, from a city of merchants and patrons, to a city of art and show. Who doesn’t know its famous Christmas markets?

60 kilometres towards south: TRENTO, the pride of Trentino, here you will meet architecture, history, culture and… nature.

70 kilometres towards south-east: Lake of Molveno, the jewel of Adamello Brenta Natural Park, a mirror of water where are reflected the Dolomites.

Stunning landscapes and photos like postcards; don’t waste your time, Trentino is waiting for you!



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