Let’s go back to travel, and this time not only with the mind. Packed suitcases, we leave to travel to Europe, to discover Switzerland and its cantons.

Today we are indeed in Switzerland, but precisely in the canton of Vaud.


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Travel to Europe: Lausanne, a picturesque city

Lausanne is located on the extremely picturesque Lake Geneva, surrounded by beautiful vineyards. It is divided into the new city and the old city, houses the National Olympic Museum with its park, has been the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since 1914, has one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals ever and a lot, a lot, of art.
First Celtic then besieged by the Romans, Lausanne remained an episcopal city for 1000 years. In 1536 the Bernese arrived (from Bern) who, instructed by Luther, made the city Protestant. The bishop was forced to go to nearby Catholic France, and Lausanne is still considered a fully-fledged Protestant city, like the canton that hosts it.

Two characteristics of Lausanne that surprised me most were the constant ups and downs of streets and lanes (it almost feels like San Francisco!) And the fact that some subway lines travel without a driver.


Traveling in Europe: Visit Lausanne, discovering Switzerland

The Flon district is one of the best known and most frequented especially by nightlife. There are also cultural and musical activities.


Don’t miss the historic center and its imposing cathedral. The cathedral dating back to the twelfth is of extraordinary beauty; Gothic, rises majestically and a visit inside is a must.
A unique tradition belonging to the history of this cathedral has survived from 1405 until today. At any time of the night, from 10 in the evening until 2 in the morning. A man from the top of the tower shouts in a loud voice announcing the stroke of the hours.
You will hear the same voice on the subway, where it announces what the next stop is. Amazing.


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The Olympic Museum allowed me to look at the phenomenon of the Olympics to which I had never given too much weight with different eyes.
Walking among all the Olympic torches, among the suits of the most famous athletes, among the tools and historical photographs … I perceived the commitment, the dedication, the effort that each athlete took to achieve their Olympic dream. At the end of the visit you will find yourself in the middle of a park where statues of all kinds enrich every corner making it a real open-air art museum.

Highly recommended is the Belle Epoque boat cruise “La Suisse” on Lake Geneva with lunch on board.
This is a magnificent experience that we have lived and that we can only recommend.
The view over the vineyards is wonderful and very impressive.
Departure from Lausanne-Ouchy and arrival in Vevey-Marché.

Visit of Vevey. This city is very ancient as well as beautiful, and was chosen by Nestlè who moved there permanently in 1825 when, seeing it, he fell in love with it. Vevey is full of museums and the giant fork that you will see in the middle of Lake Geneva is nothing more than a gift that was given to the city to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Nestlé Food Museum. It was very much liked by the citizens who petitioned to keep this fork so that it became a citizen symbol.
But Nestlé isn’t the only prominent figure who chose Vevey as their home. Charlie Chaplin who came right here in 1953 to settle there.
The true story goes that Chaplin was kicked out of the United States because they said he was a communist, despite the fact that he denied it. He was on a boat with his family when he received the telegram from the States, so not being able to return to America he reaches his brother in Vevey.


Moving from Vevey, a few kilometers away we will find ourselves in the middle of the vineyards that shore up the borders of the canton.

Traveling in Europe allows us to quickly reach places of extraordinary beauty like the ones I told you about in this article.

But Switzerland is more!

And I’ll tell you more, very soon!

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