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Travel to Philippines : what to see, what to do, what to know

It has white beaches,amazing sea and it’s a low cost destination…we are talking about travel to Philippines.Travel to Philippines

Called “the place where Asia smiles” the Philippines are still unexplored tropical paradises, famous for the hospitality of the people and for the excellent cuisine, where the Asian and European culture, imported from the Spanish domination, come together in a perfect combination.

Travel to Philippines : we discover its characteristics

Philippines are an endless archipelago of over 7,000 islands (of which 5,000 are uninhabited) located in the south of the Chinese Sea and at the east wet by the Pacific Ocean.

It’s born from volcanoes and this has allowed the growth and proliferation of particular and rare plants creating a wonderful naturalistic richness; infact it is rich in tropical forests even land and water animals are many different species. Dolphins, whales, turtles … 8,000 species of flowers and 500 species of birds!

The Philippines have a unique biodiversity where nature stands out above all.

Travel to Philippines: When to go?

The Philippines have a variable climate depending on the area, but we can summarize it into two seasons: the rainy season from May to October, and the dry season from November to April.

Anyway the weather of the Philippines is really unpredictable, so that typhoons, which can usually hit the country in August, could also occur in January.
But if the weather is not suitable for the sea, then backpacking and away with mountain trekking!
The Philippines offers so many landscapes that a rainy day will not ruin your vacation!

Travel to Philippines: What to see in Manila, the capital

Let’s start by saying three large island groups of Philippines: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; the Regions are 17, the provinces are 8, the cities 117.Travel to Philippines : Manila

Your trip to the Philippines will take you into the capital, Manila, on a bay on the island of Luzon. The city is very populated, Manila is famous for the promenade and for Binondo, the ancient district of Chinatown. The heart of the city is Intramuros, surrounded by walls of the colonial period. The cathedral and the church of San Agustin are wonderful. Give ito Manila a few days, it will amaze you!

Do not miss that in the island of Luzon there are also the Caves of Callao in Penablanca and the wonderful Waterfalls of Magdapio (Pagsanjan Falls).Manila

Travel to Philippines : Which is the most beautiful islands

Each island is beautiful and rich in natural beauty, but if we have to start from one … Palawan stands out among the others and it is considered one of the most beautiful ever, as well as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Crystalline water, lots of sun and relaxation … Palawan is an amazing destination and it is very close to another earthly paradise: the El Nido marine park, it is parts of the Bacuit archipelago, in the Western Visayas region.
El Nido is a group of islets, with pristine hidden bays among white sandstone cliffs; here you can swim with the colorful inhabitants of the sea in an experience that lovers of animals and wildlife should not get lost!El Nido - Travel to Philippines

Near Palawan, also stands Amanpulo, you will find a lot of wooden houses in the middle of this paradisiac oasis, really suggestive.

BorocayLoved by tourists from all over the world, the island of Borocay is a beautiful 4 km long white sandy beach rich in resorts, restaurants and bars that make it perfect for those who love the nightlife after the sun goes down.

For those who prefer the tranquility, the many coves and coves semi hidden and not stormed by tourists, will win you over.

Connected to White Beach by an impressive pedestrian path, Diniwid Beach is one of the wildest and most suggestive beaches of the archipelago. The water is particularly clear. Do not miss.

Unesco world heritage, on this island there are the so-alled “Chocolate Hills”, 1500 conical hills of geological formation that in the dry season are colored chocolate. Truly a beauty not to be missed, all the hills are well aligned and their height varies between 40 and 120 meters.

Bohol isn’t very touristy, it offers us the possibility to interface with the local culture, and to appreciate a wonderful sea lying down in its splendid beaches that the lovers of the Surf will appreciate.Travel to Philippines : Bohol

The island of Siargao is the island ad Hoc for surfers from all over the world. The waves that are formed can also be very high, but if you are in a group and someone does not appreciate them too much, do not worry. The nature that surrounds you will conquer you.

Also on the island of Samal the white beaches characterize for 118 kilometers this beautiful island; the most beautiful feature is the mangrove forests whose green colors every corner.

And then we mention Pandan, a paradise for snorkelers. Here the coral reef is incredible! Really beautiful is also the little Daku, where the human hand has not yet arrived and between huts and palms you enjoy nature.

I also want to talk about Camiguin with its seven volcanoes (one of which is still active). Waterfalls, white beaches, green forest … the island of Caminguin will surprise you and give you unique experiences.
Last but not least, on the island of Coron you will have the chance to see shipwrecks of Japanese ships dating back to the Second World War. Loved by divers and snorkelling enthusiasts, here you can explore the famous Cathedral Cave, which during the day is illuminated by sunlight for a few hours.Travel to Philippines : Coron Island

Travel to Philippines : How to move between the islands of the Philippines

To move between the islands there are several low cost airlines that quickly shorten any distance; even by sea there are ferries that connect each island.

To move inland you can rent the car (even if the traffic is very chaotic!) and need an international driving license. For those who prefer local transport, then the colorful and typical jeepney are perfect.Jeepney


The Philippines are magnificent, offering unforgettable experiences and unparalleled peace.


Have you been there or are thinking to catch a flight and reach this paradise?



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