We go around the world and sometimes, we forget about the wonders Italy holds.
The Amalfi coast is one of those places
which fill our eyes with marvels and make us
proud to be

Things to see in Positano: discover the Amalfi coast

Located in Campania, the Amalfi coast is a piece of coast which lays on the gulf of Salerno and contains: Positano, Vietri sul Mare and the splendid Amalfi.

Thanks to its flawless natural beauty, the Amalfi coast is part of the world heritage of UNESCO and takes its name from the city of Amalfi.
What grabs our heart is the fact that all those villages constituting the coast are peculiar by their beauty, architecture, characteristics and characters. Each of them has its own, and it’s magic.Positano


How to get to Positano:

There are numerous flights linking the world to Naples from which we can easily reach the coast non-stop assaulted by tourists coming from everywhere.
For those who live nearby, the train is the best alternative and the closer railway station is Vietri sul Mare.

Positano: between history and legend

There is a legend, going on from generation to generation, on who gave the name to this city! They say that, long time ago, a ship transporting a Madonna’s painting was in trouble due to the rough sea. Later, a voice coming from the painting started to say “posa, posa” like to suggest stopping at the nearby village. From that moment on, those sailors became Positanians and took the painting to the church of S. Vito (today it’s no more). But the next day, the painting disappeared and we found it under a tree near to the beach. Here a second miracle took place, the painting moved by itself! On that same place, the next church dedicated to Maria Assunta has been built and every august 15th, the Positanians celebrate the virgins.

Things to see in Positano: discover the Amalfi coast

The first time I step my feet in Positano, I have been frozen of admiration. It’s the painted picture of a clever artist, it’s nature. Colours intermix perfectly one into another… In a second, I seized the skills of the expert farmers through the yellow lemon fields silhouetted against the blue sky; the white sail boats seemed perfectly painted by the deep blue of the sea; and the green vegetation on the cliff concluded harmoniously the sight.Positano - Italy
Nowadays, considered to be one of the most exclusive Italian villages, several artists notice the beauty of Positano which, in 1900, hosted an interesting flow of celebrities of art, painting and sculpture who contributed to enrich the culture of our country with artworks and paintings making proud every native of Positano.

Perched on a hill, Positano is a small vertical city characterized by numerous flights of steps and unique alleys leading to the beach; we start our adventure here to the discovery of its beauty.

▫️You are in Positano? Wear comfortable shoes, this city overflow of flights of steps and alleys in an amazing (and sometimes tiresome) cycle of ups and down. In the middle of the crowd of tourists, there are a lot of shops, stores, stands of street artists, bar and confectioneries…
The numerous alleys offer astonishing landscapes on the sea and along the streets, the ancient houses with their pastel colors result to blend perfectly with the surrounding.Positano - What to see
▫️Key word: Shopping.
We just talked about shops and stores… Who never heard about the fashion Moda Mare of Positano?
It’s the Italian “Montecarlo”. It’s famous for its linen clothes, its beach robes garnished with precious stones, corals and pearls… Positano hosts High couture showrooms and boutique of niche which makes the dolce vita of Positano well-known worldwide. Full of stylists and fashionistas, via dei Mulini is the main street for those who want to lighten their pockets and enrich their wardrobe.What to do in Positano

▫️If you are my passionate readers, you should have already understood that story never lacks within my trips. If you go to Positano, don’t miss The Saracen Towers! The Amalfi coast possesses many Ottoman and Saracen towers constructed in past for the guarding or protecting against the Turkish and the pirates. In Positano, we find three towers: The Tower of Sponda, the Trasita Tower overhanging on the sea and the Fornillo Tower in front of the rocks called The Mother and The Son. They all offer an overbearing panorama.

Fornillo Tower

Fornillo Tower

▫️Today, one the symbols of Positano is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. It’s been built during the second half of the X century and on its top, stands out the famous majolica dome. You must snap it!
For those who love the history of art, going into it, we’ll find the icon of the XIII century in a byzantine style, the portrait of the black Madonna.


Church of Santa Maria Assunta

▫️Let’s discover now the four beaches of Positano. All reachable by walking or riding, there are: the main beach assaulted by VIP and tourists; Marina Grande; Fornillo the smallest; Laurito e Arienzo where the sun withdraws at last.

Fornillo Beach - Positano

Fornillo Beach


Spiaggia Grande

Positano also proudly keeps a lot of silent and hidden coves where you could get some privacy without being pressed up everywhere by visitors. Take a boat and get straight to the archipelago of Li Galli. It’s formed by three small islands made popular by Omer; according to him, the mermaids lived here! It’s not casual that the other name of the archipelago is Sirenuse. It’s granted that it’s a place of pure serenity and tranquility.

Marina Grande view

Marina Grande view

From the port of Positano, it’s possible to reach the beach easily from the sea, the nearby Amalfi and Capri.
Excursions in Positano: Tasty food, fashion, history, charm…
The Amalfi coast is also a paradise for the lovers of trekking!
On the website http://www.costieraamalfitana.com/trekking-in-costiera-amalfitana/ , you’ll find several itineraries ordered according to the challenge and the duration; and you could easily book for your excursion. Because the trip is discovery, relax… but also adventure!

Going through the flavors of lemon, discovering every piece of the beauty proudly harbored by a land which marvels. This is Positano.

What are you waiting for to go there?


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