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Barcelona is an amazing city.
The memories of the first time I met Barcelona rise back to the first trip I did with one of my friends; we were teenagers and away home for the first time, we were inexperienced in an adventure in a city that conquered me immediately… It’s true that every trip holds a story and Barcelona keeps some of my priceless memories. For me, Barcelona is great.

In this article, we’ll uncover the Things to see in Barcelona in a route that goes from one to three days. After numerous journeys in this city, I can proudly affirm that I know her well. Therefore, if you are interested in telling me what you plan to do there before your departure, I’ll be pleased to give you some information and useful advice. 😉


If we want to discover the things to see in Barcelona, we must first know the meaning of the “symbol” that characterize her: Antoni Gaudí y Cornet was a Spanish architect, a bold expositor of the Catalan modernism; also known as the “shaper of stone, brick and iron”, seven of his artworks located in Barcelona have entered the list of UNESCO World Heritage in 1984.

This first day, let’s go and discover some of those artworks!
SAgrada Familia - Things to see in Barcelona


(How to get there? Violet L2 or blue L5 Metro – stop Sagrada Família)

It’s the biggest cathedral of Barcelona; it’s dedicated to Saint Eulalia and the Holy Croce.
It has been the last work to which Gaudì dedicated himself with diligence and devotion before he died accidentally hit by a tram while he was walking through the street.

You’ll often find her with rehabilitation works running on but it’s worth taking a picture there! The inside is amazing and it takes around one hour and half of visit; go there during morning time otherwise you’ll have to spend at least two hours of queue!

Casa Battlò

(How to get there? Violet Metro L2 – stop Passeig de Gràcia)

With our nose turned up, we are here to admire the splendid Casa Batlló!

From its extravagant outside look, we can imagine how it’s inside!
The visit takes about one hours and the ticket is not really economic (23,50€) but it’s worth staying quiet in front of the peculiar architecture that characterizes this artwork!
Curves, lively colours and no straight line… this was Gaudì.

Things to see in Barcelona

Casa Milà – Gaudì

Casa Milà – Gaudì


(How to get there? 10 minutes walking from Casa Batlló)

Casa Milà takes the name from his owner Pere Milà i Camps, who gave to the famous Antoni Gaudì the task to realize it.

Inserted in the UNESCO World Heritage in 1987, Casa Milá went through controversies between those who supported the inspirations of Gaudì and others who considered him like an excessive and so innovative person.
At that moment rose the surname (originally pejorative) La Pedrera, in English “open quarry”, derived from the judgments of that time.

Nowadays, Casa Milà is a touristic destination that enthrals visitors coming from all over the world with his beauty.
Park Guell


(How to get there? Green Metro L3 – stop Lesseps or Bus 24 from Passeig de Gràcia)

Reaching there with the metro rather than the bus, we’ll get to the park climbing a short ascent for a ten of minutes; I personally preferred to enjoy the location by facing up the hard walk! For the simplest people, the bus takes some minutes more but gets you directly at the doors of the park. 😉

Let’s set apart two full hours to visit this marvellous island;
We’ll be amazed beyond our expectations!

Parc guell - Things to see in Barcelona
The park was designed by Güell and Gaudì like a whole and whimsical structure where at the insides there could have been very expensive accommodations, elaborated with keen ability and full of comfort, considered to be luxurious at that time.

His gardens made of lively colours melt perfectly with extravagant and unique sculptures. Walking through the diverse flowers, admiring the fullness of art, the creativity, the freedom and maturity in art which has always characterized Gaudì, we’ll feel part of a perfect picture.

Here are things you could see in Barcelona for this first day while remaining in equilibrium between reality and fantasy.

Before telling you about the Things to see in Barcelona during this second day, I would like to give you some advice on where to sojourn!
There are Hotels in every single angle of the city since it’s an esteemed touristic destination for years now.

I suggest you the Rambla and La Barceloneta area; they are well linked to important points of the city. You can book your hotel on or going to AirBnb where you’ll find numerous (and gracious) mini apartments to rent.
During my last trip in Barcelona, I stayed in a splendid and well-connected Hotel. It’s indeed peculiar in his gender since it’s a “themed” hotel; read this article!

Things to see in Barcelona

Here we are at the second day… at the discovery of Barcelona.

Yesterday we walked a lot and took many pictures, today we wake up quietly, have our breakfast and go… Let’s visit two other MUST of this city: Las Ramblas and la Barceloneta!
We are now stepping on the ground of a street famous worldwide!
This is the Ramblas, surrounded by stalls, shops, street artists, bar and restaurants; all this is a lively atmosphere!
Let’s stop to drink a cerveza; forgetting about the time, let’s be contaminated by the Spanish warmth!
When we think about Barcelona, we also think about La Barcelonata.
That ex area inhabited only by sailors is a touristic destination that represents the most romantic and “funniest” of Barcelona.

The area starts at the exit of Ramblas with the Port Vell (Old bridge); we’ll go through the “ancient side” relishing the air full of saltiness, passing through a small market of fish and loosing ourselves to admire the boats docked to the pier…

Reaching the Maremagum, a big commercial centre that rises besides the huge cinema Imax and the Aquarium, we get in the “recent side” of La Barcelonata, it’s a seafront that reminds us the California.
The coloured kiosks expose shot of every taste, bars, restaurants, music…
The amazing way through is driven by street artists who show off sculptures of sand worth of applauses, young people with skateboards or unexperienced skaters speeding up through people with mastery, and the laughs of those who take their shower at midnight.

Exactly at the pier, in front of the Maremagnum, I recommend you a short boat excursion; it will offer you a wonderful experience! You’ll enjoy the landscape with another perspective: in fact, you’ll see Barcelona from the sea on a true sailing ship! This trip on the Mediterranean takes around 40 minutes or one hour; you’ll choose the time to spent.
Things to do in Barcelona

But what can you eat for diner? And where?

I’ll not bore you with all the dishes Spain could offer… but you MUST eat one particular dish; What am I talking about? I’m talking about the famous Paella! Whether of meat or fish, this dish is incredible! And please, conclude your diner with the true Catalan cream. 😉

Barcelona is crowded of restaurants; just choose one on the seafront, romantic and chic. Else, I suggest you the Mana 75 on the Passeig Joan de Borbo; They offer all the types of Paella; it’s incredibly delicious.

Where to eat in Barcelona - Mana 75


We saw a lot in those two days, right? We dedicate the third day to the Montjuïc hill.



(How to get there? Green Metro L3 – stop Paral-lel)

Montjuïc is a peak of 173 meters high located at the south of Barcelona. Besides the metro, you should take a cable railway and then have a walk… it takes about one hour to get to the castle on the top.

Getting at the top, we’ll enjoy a breath-taking panorama on the city until the port…
The green will surround you and it will be amazing to pic-nic there and relaxing freeze by the breeze immersed in the nature. Oh yes, I’m talking about the pic-nic because there are no restaurants there!

From the Montjuïc we could see and visit different interesting points like the Palau Sant Jordi constructed for the Olympic games of 1992, the Fuente Magica a huge attraction which spectacle with water flows is absolutely fantastic, and the botanic garden where are more than 600,000 flowers; there are only some of those attractions.


The departure is near so we’ll not spend a lot of time for other attractions but we’ll just enjoy some hours exactly here, on the Montjuïc that offers splendid scenarios, astonishing landscapes, all together surrounded by green space in the nature and under the sign of peace and relax.

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