Swiss watches, Create yours with Initium!

Do you want to learn how to build a watch? Do you want to create your own custom watch? In Geneva, Initium awaits you to offer you unique activities and experiences.


Today I’m going to tell you about an experience that I think you shouldn’t miss in Geneva, in close contact with Swiss watches!

Switzerland is among the most important states for the production of watches, Geneva is the world capital of luxury watchmaking.
Having been to Switzerland, I confirm their accuracy and attention to the perfect time in all circumstances.

Enchanted by this, I couldn’t help but visit a master watchmaker to delve into the history of Swiss watchmaking.

Initium invites you to its laboratory in the heart of beautiful Geneva, to offer you introductory courses in watchmaking, accessible to all.
Some courses involve creating your watch together with the owners, choosing each piece so that it is unique as well as an unforgettable memory and experience.

The course we opted for was splendid. Lessons to discover watchmaking, where we handled, disassembled and reassembled the mechanical movement of a watch. Through Ivan’s slides and words we walked through time up to the oldest hourglass, and to its ancestor tub full of water that was used to tame it, and before that the sun.

A wonderful experience, which allowed me to look at the clock as not just something that beats time, but as a result of attempts, discoveries, history.

I recommend you go and visit Initium and meet the owners of this space out of space and yes, incredibly out of time, because here you never look forward and you never want to leave.

“A custom watch is fine. Assembling it yourself is even better.”




Martina Pieralli

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