Some of the strangest Hotels in the world

We travel upside down, we get to know different languages and now like never before, every place is closer to another… some flight hours and we find ourselves at the exact opposite part of the globe.
According to some studies, we spend approximately 27 years of our lives sleeping and for us travellers, some of those years are spent out of our home place… here and there on the planet.

Today I want to tell you about some Hotels that are…
Peculiar, maybe eccentric, but absolutely UNIQUE.

Some of the strangest Hotels in the world

1) Ice Hotel – Canada
Hotel de Glace is located just outside of Quebec City , in Canada. The adjective incredible isn’t good enough to describe this Hotel.
20.000 tons of ice and snow made up this structure with his 44 bedrooms which 29 are suites, keep a constant temperature between -3 and 5 Celsius.

Since 2001 the Hotel is an incontestable destination for tourists and visitors who want to go through the icy walls and crystalline sculptures, sitting on icy seats and sleeping on icy beds!
There are also a chapel, an altar, some halls… and even a night club! There is no need to mention that all is rigorously of ice.
This amazing building goes constructed every winter time within about one month and remains ‘operative’ till March after what it dissolves entirely. We can boldly say that it’s a sculpture of perfection.

Staying at the Hotel de Glace is an unmissable experience,
this is one of the best strangest hotels in the World!


Strangest hotels

Hotel de Glace – Quebec

Strangest hotels
2) Dog Bark Park Inn

Every year for our holidays, many of us ask themselves if their 4-legs friend would be allowed to get into the Hotel! Here we are at the Cottonwood in the Idaho, an Hotel in a shape of… dog, to be more precise a Beagle! This is the perfect Hotel for lovers of “the man’s best friend”!

The “Dog Bark Park Inn“ is a complete doggy motif structure from the inside out.

It’s worth to stay at least once in life in this unique Hotel… obviously together with our faithful friend!


Strangest hotels

Dog Bark Park – Cottonwood

3) Stredoveky Hotel

Now let’s go back in time to the… Middle ages. In Czech Republic, the Stredoveky Hotel is an outstanding themed Hotel where everything and anything is in a style of the middle ages without the classic comfort of the 21st century though expelling every ‘ancient’ commodity.
The setting is so spectacular that it seems alive. Even the staff is dressed according to the theme so it gives more impression that we flew back in time!
The guided tour to the brewery, the palace and the “peklo” that are part of the building, is fantastic. You are going to spend a week-end like nowhere else!

Hotel Stredoveky -Rep. Ceca

Strangest hotels

Hotel Stredoveky -Rep. Ceca

4) Calvigny Island

Bold luxury, breath-taking beaches and no tourists… I’m not talking about an Hotel but an entire island!
Let me tell about the Calvigny Island.

Here we are in Grenada. In booking this marvellous Resort, we’ll have the exclusive access to the whole island and a staff available to satisfy each and every fancy we have!

This private island can host up till 50 people. There are countless attractions so there’s no way to get bored. Surely, it’s an exceptional refuge from the daily chaos and the crowd made of tourist in touristic villages.

Located at only 5 minutes by boat from the Grenada coast in the Occidental Indies, this Caribbean Resort is ASTONISHING.

Strangest hotels

Calvigny Island

Calvigny Island

5) Kolarbyn Ecolodge

Quiet far from Skinnskatteberg’s village, in the forest of Bergslagen, at some hours from Stockholm, “rises” what we can call the most primitive Hotel of Sweden.

Passionate about nature, Kolarbyn Ecolodge is an Hotel without electricity, bathrooms and surrounded by woods, trunks within a landscape absolutely green.
Deepened in a secular forest, the Kolarbyn Ecolodge is built by axles constructions of wood covered by liches; every year, it attracts a lot of visitors coming from worldwide. They can enjoy real peace and tranquillity immersed into nature face to face with animals that live in this stunning oasis…


Kolarbyn Ecolodge Hotel

Strangest hotels

Kolarbyn Ecolodge Hotel

6) Jules’ Undersea Lodge

We talked about those who love the cold weather, others who like animals, others luxury, others are in love with story and there are some people who prefer nature… now we focus on those who love water!
Here we are at the Key Largo in Florida: Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the only undersea Hotel of the United States.

The visitors must go 9 meters deep (30 feet) in the ocean to reach it.
The Hotel is at the bottom of the Emerald Lagoon and has been inaugurated in 1986; nowadays it’s an esteemed touristic destination! On the other hand, sleeping while immersed in the ocean where, from the round window of your room, you could admire the marine population turning you around… is priceless.


Jules ‘Undersea Lodge


7) Free Spirit Spheres

Have you ever wanted to sleep in a cottage on the tree? Well if that’s your dream, you can’t miss the opportunity to stay at the “Free Spirit Spheres”.

A cottage on the spherical tree, it’s comfortable and immerged in the wild nature and endowed with all the possible technologies. There’s no detail neglected; the design is modern, the contrast with the wild surrounding is amazing.

Between the high trees of a rainforest of the Vancouver’s island, you’ll be welcome in this sweet Hotel and its friendly staff, and you’ll be cuddled by the nature.

It’s a unique experience wrapped in the magic of the forest.


Free Spirit Spheres

8) Elephant Safari Park Lodge

Between the strangest Hotels of the world, I couldn’t not recall the Winner 2016 of the World Luxury Hotel Awards – Best Eco Lodge; let’s name the Elephant Safari Park Lodge in Bali, Indonesia!

(I dedicated an article to the 10 most beautiful islands of Indonesia, do you remember?)

Elephant Safari park Lodge

You could sleep surrounded by the biggest herd of Sumatran elephants; you could get on those amazing animals, wash them, brush them and even “hug them”. We take care of those animals; the trainers stimulate them and provide to their needs. According to what they say, those elephants love to be cuddled and be the centre of attention.

For those who love elephants like me, this is going to be an unforgettable experience!

Elephant Safari park Lodge

These are only eight of the most unique and strangest Hotels in the world; Each of these Hotels could satisfy the passion of each of us and spending a week-end in at least one of these astonishing Hotel or Resort, is an experience we must afford and hold it tight in the heart to then tell it.


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