[Glamping. A word born from the fusion of glamor and camping. ]

This is how I would define the experience lived in the tree house.
Sleeping in a vintage-style wooden bungalow in the branches of a tree, a stone’s throw from Florence?

You can.

Casa Barthel, just 20 minutes by car from the center of the beautiful Florence (I talked about what to do in Florence, HERE), rises among the Tuscan hills and blends perfectly with the surrounding nature.

Glamping in Italy

The complex is in a magnificent garden, full of olive trees and small cottages making the landscape truly unique.

And then the pines that embrace the most characteristic house of this oasis, perfect for glamping in Italy!
Sleeping in the tree house for someone will mean a dream, without a doubt it will give everyone one of the most beautiful memories you will cherish in your heart.

Glamping in Italy | tree house

Elena and Daniela, the owners, will make you feel pampered.
We stayed in the tree house at the beginning of November when we thought it was low season.
As summer gives beautiful days, autumn has a charm that conquers.
We fell asleep in this beautiful bed surrounded by windows overlooking the green, under the rumble of the pouring rain, between our hands a warm cup of herbal tea and peace.
When we woke up, the sun came in between the slits of the blinds, and a delicious smell of freshly baked brioches that we found on the outside table, gave us an amazing morning.

casa sull'albero | Glamping in Italy

For 10 years this tree house has hosted many guests who thanks to their reviews have brought it back into the world top ten with the best reviews on AirBnB and first for beauty, in Italy.
The small cottage offers all the comforts one could wish for, the bedroom, the bathroom, a small kitchenette and an outdoor veranda.
The walls are full of writings made with colored chalks by people who have passed through Casa Barthel and left their mark. Sentences of lovers, honeymoons, dedications … everything tells Love.
Like the love that the owners have for this oasis of peace that they preserve with strict respect for the environment. The oil is made from them, the water is filtered and everything is at KM 0.

tree house in Florence

To give a special night to a special person, Casa Barthel is what I recommend, to have magical memories, forever.


And to make such a beautiful gift even more complete,

a stone’s throw from Bartehel’s home is the center of Florence

and the heart of Chianti, a land of food and good wine.

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