Awarded biggest castle in cave in 2015 by the Guinness World Records, Predjama Castle (Castle Lueger) merges perfectly through the millenary nature’s construction demonstrating the outstanding mankind creativity.

Half of the castle has been built inside the natural cave and the other half by men. The two parts blend in such a way that you can’t make any difference between them.

Castello di Predjama

The castle rules stately on the city of Predjama, its rises till 123 meters high on the bridge where sinks the river Lokva, and its charm is worth our attention.

Made of uncounted underground galleries and natural tunnels, the castle throws us back in the Middle Ages, a world without all the technologies available nowadays, where its complex and astonishing architecture allowed a sweeter journey inside there and a strong refuge against external attacks.

Getting in, with an audio guide (available in many other languages), you can visit the different rooms that hosted in the XVIIe century its worst owner: Erazem (Erasmus Lueger).

Erazem lived in 1400 and was renowned ‘’ robber baron’’, a kind of Slovenian Robin Hood; the castle has been a safe refuge for him, especially against the Habsburg’s wrath. In fact, they were angry against him because he killed their army’s commandant, guilty of offending the honour of his friend.

The story tells us that the castle has been encircled for one year and one day; pieces of stones were continuously shot on the fortress but it remained unreachable.

Betrayed by one of his men, Erazem has been murdered.

They say that the betrayer, corrupted, agreed with the lieutenant in charge of the soldiers posted outside the castle, acknowledging them that the only point giving direct access to Erazem is the window of the bathroom standing in front of the cliff.

So, by a day of 1484, Erazem was killed by a shot from cannon while he was in the bathroom.


To visit this fortress full of stories and legends, you can get the ticket directly there or buy it in combination with the one that allows you to see round the caves of Postojna, another natural wonder you wouldn’t like to miss (read the article here)



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