Those who follow me on this blog since it was still called or those who joined my virtual family on Instagram already know what my favorite city in Italy is: Matera.

I’ve told you about it many times, but if you missed the article here it is. Holidays in Italy: what to see in Matera, today we move a few kilometers from Matera and discover some of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Venosa, Melfi and a stop in Lavello

Most beautiful villages in Italy: Venosa, Melfi and a stop in Lavello

Matera – Venosa 80 kilometers, one hour by car

The car is a must to move from one country to another in Basilicata. From Matera we move towards Venosa.

What to see in Venosa

Located in the Vulture area. It is one of the municipalities registered in the association “The most beautiful villages in Italy”.
Venosa has the oldest prehistoric site in the whole region; right here the remains of extinct animals, remains of homo erectus and much more have been found.
It is an ancient city, founded by the Romans in 291 BC to control the Via Appia. Why was it called Venosa? It was dedicated to the goddess Venus.

Venosa is also called “The city of Horace”, because it is here that the great Latin poet Quinto Orazio Flacco was born and spent his adolescence.


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1. The unfinished church. Walk inside the ruins of the so-called unfinished temple.

2. The Archaeological Park contains archaeological excavations and ancient monumental remains. I mention the thermal baths and above all the floor moisaco, very nice to walk among these important pieces of history.

3. Aragonese Castle. This is the best known attraction! Inside you will also find the National Archaeological Museum and you will discover the oldest phases of the presence of man in the area. This castle is truly impressive.

4. The historic center. Made up of streets and lanes of unique, candid beauty. You will easily find Orazio’s house in an alley of Via Frusci, which dates back to the 2nd century BC.

And then?
The Abbey of the Holy Trinity, the square with the statue of Horace, the fountain with the stone lion and the Diocesan Museum. Ah! Naturally the Cantine dell’Aglianico del Vulture, a very good wine.

Next stop on this journey among the most beautiful villages in Italy? MELFI.

But first let’s stop for lunch in Lavello. A delightful town worth a visit and a great lunch!

Not many talk about Lavello but after Venosa we came here because a friend recommended us to eat at the Forentum Restaurant in the city of Lavello. It was so convincing that in 20 minutes, traveling 20 kilometers, we walked through the doors of this restaurant.

What to say? Extraordinary. The interior is secretive and romantic, in stone, with arches and wood. The menu is refined, the food exquisite and the owners delightful.

I can only really suggest you (as they did with me) to visit the owners of this restaurant. In addition, the town, albeit small, is very nice and walking calmly in its lanes, getting to know the locals … it will be really nice.


Most beautiful villages in Italy: What to see in Melfi

Lavello – Melfi 20 kilometers, 30 minutes by car

Melfi, like all the towns of Basilicata, should be explored on foot, calmly and with the curiosity to discover what surrounds you. Even here, the white whiteness of the streets is king. The historic center is enclosed in the original Norman walls rebuilt in the Aragonese period. The castle is bursting, polygonal in shape with eight towers and a defensive moat.
Impossible not to notice it, it stands imposing. In this castle there were five papal councils and in the year 1089 the first crusade in the Holy Land was banned.
Enter inside, you will find the National Archaeological Museum of Melfese named after Massimo Pallottino, a well-known Italian archaeologist.

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Basilicata did not end here. It is rich in beauty and uniqueness, to discover them all I recommend a nice On the road to discover this wonderful region. I told you about it here:
Italian Holidays: what to see in Matera


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