European Green Capital 2016, Ljubljana:
Must see, where to go, how to reach most interesting places
Postojna – Predjama- Bled

Whether near or far away home, Ljubljana is worth becoming one of our destinations. We will remain amazed in front of the magic art of its architecture.

Elected European green capital 2016 thanks to the new strategies adopted in favour of the eco-sustainability, Ljubljana rose from the well-known Castle (Ljubljanski Grad), reachable going through a steep uphill or taking a cable railway available from the old town.
You better go during the day, you will capture stunning pictures. It’s spectacular!

On our way back from the hill where the Castle arises, the journey to the old town continues

fiume-ljubljanicawalking along the river (Ljubljanica), which east side is the oldest part of the city and the west part is more recent and modern.

We will find typical places (bar, restaurant, pub etc…) where, even during winter it’s possible to enjoy the time out while taking a drink or a hot tea sited around the tables and chairs covered by sheepskin placed exactly in front of the tempting Prešeren Square (Prešernov), one of the main meeting points of the city.




Here is the heart of Ljubljana:

At the Prešeren Square, the poet’s memorial stands lordly. The standard open market is at your right-hand side and at your left-hand side you’ll find the Saint Nicholas’ Cathedral (Stolnica svetega Nikolaja) with an XVIIe century’s style, characterized by a pinkish colour and clear green domes.

Right in front of it, is the famous and artistic Triple Bridge (Tromostovje) initially constructed with the purpose to connect the two shores of the river Ljubljanica; today it has become the EMBLEM OF THE CITY, together with the Dragon Bridge (Zmajiski most) that we find coasting the river after the Prešeren place, directly arriving to the four green dragons which firmly stand on the four sides of the bridge like if they were watching over it.



Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

If we have some days free, we can rent a car and go for 50 kilometres from Ljubljana, we could not miss the Postojna Cave (Postojnska Jama) , it’s 20 kilometres long of galleries weaved together creating therefor one of the most incredible underground panorama ever seen.

Here we are at the karst upland: Stalactites and Stalagmites from limestone since millenniums, form multi-coloured sculptures painting an astonishing landscape.

Grotte di PostumiaThe Stalagmite has a watertight beauty made of white stone, symbol of the cave, called Bright.

The guided Tour lasts for about one hour and half; the ticket is available on site.
It’s also possible to buy the entire pack including the ticket to visit the Predjama Castle (of Luegg), only at 9 km from the caves. DON’T miss it for any reason.

The biggest castle in cave, part of the Guinness World Records from 2015!
Read the article about it: Predjama Castle

Lake and Castle of Bled

The Slovenian wonders are not yet over, just take a look at the lake of Bled.

Going towards Nord from Ljubljana, you have only 50 minutes to reach this quiet oasis, pure and wholesome.
The lake is almost 2 kilometres of diameter large. At the centre you’ll find an island on which a church dedicated to Saint Martin has been constructed; it’s easily reachable by rowing boats rentable on site.

You can walk through the close pathway which coasts that lake. You’ll be surrounded by small aquatic animals dwelling around there, traditional boats and the far away sound of the bell tower. Your heart will be enthralled by those marvels.
Here also, rises a Castle which stands in front of the lake.
You can reach there climbing numerous stairs or simply going by car. This castle presents a splendid sight and is worth getting to the top to admire the spectacle of the nature.


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