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Las Vegas: Things to see, things to do, hotels

Everything about Las Vegas


Hello guys!

For whosoever gets here for the first time, I’ll like you to know that our trip started in California!
If you missed to read it, some weeks ago I talked about the beginning of this adventure in “California on the Road”!


Las Vegas: things to see, things to do, hotels


We arrived in Santa Barbara and we’ll continue from there!

With the car we rent, we went through the wide and infinite American ways for about 5 hours and half, and we reached the so much dreamed… Las Vegas.

(If you prefer to fly, Santa Barbara is located at almost one hour and half from Los Angeles’ LAX airport; you’ll then easily reach Las Vegas)

Las Vegas - Nevada

We are in the Nevada.
Often chosen as “protagonist” by movies’ producers, Las Vegas is by excellency the city of unrestrained entertainment, casino and games of chance, alcohol at any daytime, rushed weddings and where any limit can be crossed. It’s not trivial that Las Vegas is known worldwide as the sin city.

Things to see in Las Vegas?

Let’s start from the main streets: The Strip is the longest street where are located the most important hotels (I’ll soon talk about it) and Fremont Street, the most eccentric; this last one is crowded of cheerful people, spectacles, musicians, jugglers and street artists dressed up (or not dressed at all) … this street is eclectic and extravagant, so enlighten that it seems to be during the day even at night; the worldliness here is at the rendezvous!

Now we move to the Chapel of Flowers and the Little White Chapel where several famous (or not) people soar for honeymoon! Allow me to also talk about malls where it’s difficult to choose between luxurious and affordable shops; Gran Canal Shoppes is one of them; Shopping is the moto.

In the other hand, there is something you shouldn’t miss: the famous fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel. For half an hour, you’ll be dazzled by water dancing! I’ll not tell you more…Fountain - Bellagio - Las vegas

For the strong ones, at the Bodies the Exhibition on Las Vegas Blvd you’ll see the human body as it “really” is; real human beings are (sadly?) exposed immortalized in some positions like on the bicycle or during a walk, entire or “half”, in order to let us discover how we are truly made.

Things to do in Las Vegas?Las Vegas

The Zipline on the Fremont Street allows you to fly over one of the main streets of Las Vegas above a mass of people! I suggest you booking some days in advance otherwise you’ll be waiting for hours in the queue for your turn!

The Dig This is a unique attraction! You’ll ride an excavator, for sure making you feel like a child!


Hotels in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is eccentric, eclectic and whimsical… as well as the numerous Hotels of which she is top up! They are all extravagant and full of peculiarities. Here is a brief list of the most famous Hotels:

Number one? Bellagio. With his exceeding elegance, this hotel recalls the classic style of the manors on the wonderful Lake Como. And did I not already tell you about the fountain show?

Let’s remain on Italian styles; staying at The Venetian you’ll feel like you were in the romantic Venice immerged in a replica of gondolas, gondoliers and channels…

If one desires to trip back in time (and spend less), he may go to the Excalibur Hotel & Casino where the settings and the special bascule bridge make you live again the story.

We are still in the past with the Caesars Palace that has been inspired by the famous historic period of the Greek-Romans!

The pyramid shape in black glass belongs to the Luxor Hotel constituted of 30 magnificent flours in an Egyptian style.

For those like us who dream to get once in Polynesia, The Mirage is an Hotel (and obviously a casino) with in his insides a green park where palm trees are king and a volcano that simulates an eruption and flames every evening after the sunset!
Of course, it’s not the true Polynesia but staying in this Hotel was a tremendous experience.Mirage Hotel


Area 51

At 150 km from Las Vegas, an aura of mystery surrounds the well-known Area 51.
Let’s go towards the boundaries of this untouchable military basement which different stories, now legends, created a fiction myth.

Area 51According to what we learnt in movies, the area 51 that corresponds to the dried-up bottom of the Groom Lake near to “Rachel”, has highly rigorous security levels and measures that avoid access to those not having the right to get in.
24H/24, the area is watched over by militaries who don’t hesitate to react drastically at the first infringement. The area 51 doesn’t have anything enticing in itself but the aliens’ myth involved and the mental approach with which one gets to this deserted zone where oneself is in between reality, science fiction and… fantasy.


What do you think about it?

Las Vegas is absolutely fantastic and it couldn’t miss in our trip road which I remind you started in California on the Road, and in the next article it will continue to the discovery of his parks reaching then the majestic Grand Canyon!

Stay tuned and let me know that you were here! ✈️
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