I personally fell in love with Israel and Jerusalem fed me off with incredible sensations.
It’s a city rich of history and wonders with an amazing architectural beauty. Jerusalem is a corner of the world where are concentrated the biggest world religions and you will be grabbed by their touch while going throughout it.
In this article, we will set apart a 3 days tour in Jerusalem and after that, we’ll discover what we may find departing from the splendid Masada until the arrival to the famous (and unbelievable) Dead Sea… we’ll focus on those destinations in the following articles.
So… let’s start!

David’s Tour, Via Dolorosa, Holy Sepulchre, Wailing Wall, Temple Mount

Here we are on the Holy Land! Firstly, I would like you to know that you can go around Jerusalem walking, but… wear comfortable shoes. We start from Jaffa, one of the main streets from which you can easily reach the best touristic sites of the city.

Walking on this street, we will arrive to Jaffa Gate. You’ll be charmed by its beauty; snap it! This gate is an ancient way through which you can arrive to the well-known Old city of Jerusalem.

You’ll be surrounded by alleys, streets made of white stones and coloured sands, singular markets of fruit. Here, fruits are oddly big but incredibly delicious and if you find yourself in this area within June and December, you’ll surely enjoy the famous pomegranate juice. It’s a must!

Just find a way to enjoy the beauties of the Old City on Friday or Saturday;
From Friday 5 pm starts the Shabbat, the rest day! Hebrews don’t (or don’t have to) do anything tiresome or which requires huge efforts; if they forget to close the fridge, they couldn’t even close it during the day!
Nothing electronic: they can’t use cell phones, computers or internet.
Being in Israel during those days will allow you to get closer to the Hebrew’s tradition.
David’s Tour: Exactly near to the Jaffa Gate we just crossed, David’s Tour has been built in the II century b.C to strengthen the military forces of the Old City.
It’s encircled by the Citadel where, in addition to the amazing David’s Tour, stand also the Museum of history and Herode’s Tour. It’s a wonderful path, a step back in time thanks to this splendid country. From the walls, you’ll enjoy an astonishing landscape.
Don’t miss, for any reason, the night sound and light show given by the lights and sounds. They will throw you in an exciting and magic sphere!
Cittadella di davide

David Citadel
[The Museum is closed on Friday, reduced hours on Saturday – 40 minutes show of sound & light]
Via Dolorosa:
Inside the Old City, passing through the peculiar alleys and the small stores, we reach the Via Dolorosa. Also known as Via Crucis, this street represents the way that led Jesus to his crucifixion…
Between stalls of huge strawberries, sweets and big tangerines, Gianluca and I arrived to the end of the street and found ourselves in front of the Holy Sepulchre.basilica of the Holy Sepulchre
Holy Sepulchre:
Only a word. Tourists. Tourists everywhere. However, let’s talk about the most important church of the Catholicism. According to the tradition, the Holy Sepulchre basilica was built on the same place where Jesus was crucified, buried and risen!
Holy Sepulchre
Wailing wall:
This wall is the remaining part of the walls that contained the glade of the Temple Mount.
It’s the most impressive symbol of Israel; I seized the real essence of Hebrews.
The Wailing Wall is the religious emblem by excellency for Hebrews; they pray there for thousands of years now. To get access, men and women are put in two different groups and the checking is rigid. To men, they give a kippah while to women, they advise to dress modestly.
Just try to go there during the Shabbat, it will be crowded of people so, more striking.
Once inside, it seems to be in another dimension. People are praying, repeating psalms, writing their prayers on sheets of paper and then trapping it into the wall’s angles, and people together are singing and dancing.
[It’s opened every day of the year, H24]
Wailing wall - Israel
Temple Mount:
Also known as The Noble Sanctuary of Jerusalem, this is the place where Judaism, Christianity and Islam get confronted for centuries now. Nowadays it belongs to Arabs! Inside we can find the mosque of Al Aqsa, even if the attention is immediately caught by the majestic Dome of the Rock, holy symbol of the Islamic religion. It’s not easy to get in and the schedules vary a lot; if you are interested, I just want to advise women to remember to cover their legs and hands, otherwise they will not be authorized to enter.

We are finally at the end of the day and I realized all the feelings I couldn’t describe… But at the end of my trip, I finally got it…
Jerusalem always does this effect: it’s the city of contrasts.
It always seems like you are in between black and white, rules and freedom, holy and secular…

The Garden Tomb, the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane

Today, the departure is at the Damascus Gate; near to Jaffa gate from which we started yesterday.
The Garden Tomb:
This is the first huge tangible contrast.
In the XIX century, some people started to reject the catholic tradition stipulating that the Holy Sepulchre arises exactly where Jesus was crucified, buried and risen.
Protestants were the one to discredit that belief and after several researches, the Garden Tomb has been recognized as the real place where Jesus was buried.
The reason of this protest is that the garden tomb looks more like the description found in the bible.
John the Evangelist writing about it said that the grave was situated in the garden of a rich man where there were a tank and a winepress here presents.
Not far from it, rises an escarpment which looks like a skull considered by the Christians -mainly the protestants- to be the real Golgotha.
The garden is entrancing; it seems to be an oasis of peace!
It’s all silent and holy. Don’t miss it.
[It’s open to all]
Garden Tomb - Israel

Garden Tomb by : Eric Huntsman
Mount of Olives:
Climbing this mount will allow you to visit amazing touristic sites while enjoying a dazzling panorama of Jerusalem.
You can reach the top with the bus 75 and then go down walking; respectively you’ll find the wonderful church of Pater Noster built exactly where Jesus taught the ‘Our Father’ prayer.
A hundred of kilometres ahead, you’ll find a terrace where you could admire the landscape I told you before on the whole city. It’s enthralling, especially during the sunset!

At the bottom, there is the Garden of Gethsemane.

Gethsemane: It’s a gracious olive grove where, according to the four gospels, Jesus went after the Last Diner before the betrayal of Judas and then his capture. This place is soaked of simplicity and talks about love.
Gethsemane - Israel

Mount of Zion, David’s Tomb and the Cenacle

We start from the Zion Gate, it takes us till the famous Hebrews and Armenian quarters;
Just take time to go through all the alleys and streets of these areas; feel free to enter the shops of Armenian ceramics and artisanship, and enjoy the almost-perfect silence of the Hebrew quarter.
Mount of Zion:
It’s the mount on which Jerusalem started to rise. For you, visitors in the Holy Land, it’s a must!
David’s Tomb:
We are on the Mount Zion where we can find the King David’s grave. It’s located on the first floor of an ancient church of Hagias Zion and even if we are not sure it’s really the grave of David, this is one of the holy sites of Hebraism.
Some floors over David’s grave, we find what is supposed to be the room where was held the Last Diner also called the Cenacle. It’s very small but the fact that it’s where Jesus shared the Last diner before his crucifixion makes it a place to visit.Cenacle
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The central areas are the best; they are near to the Old City. The area near to the market of Machaneh Yehuda is also a strategic point; it’s near to the main street Jaffa and situated at some minutes from the centre of the City.
There are a lot of restaurants in Jerusalem but you must diner at least one time at the peculiar Market of Machaneh Yehuda. This place is genuinely eccentric.
During the day, it’s a succession of all type of stalls: fish, vegetables, spices of all colours, cakes you can devour with your eyes… All this in a warm and lively atmosphere.
At night, it metamorphoses in a place crowded of people and where with music and food, the moto is party!
Machaneh Yehuda is full of colours, flavours and life.
Machaneh Yehuda - Israel

Photo Credit: Sir Kiss
If you want to taste an Israeli speciality in a quiet and silent place, I suggest you Tmol Shilshom. It’s a typical restaurant where you’ll enjoy local dishes while… reading!
You should try it!
…If my words conquered you heart, just book a flight to Israel!
Set apart at least one week to go through every part
Of what this country can offer and you’ll deeply remain satisfied!
“Our feet are standing within your gates, O Jerusalem;
Jerusalem, which is built as a city that is compacted together.”
[Psalm 122: 2,3 ]
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