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Indonesian Islands: let’s know more

Shared between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, the 4th most populated country of the world is an archipelago composed by 17 thousand islands dispersed on an area of 5,000 square kilometres over the coast.

INDONESIA is a melting pot where 350 different languages flow around with several dialects, numerous ethnic groups, various cultures, multiple religions and a very long story.

After centuries of Holland colonization, Indonesia became independent in 1949.
The capital Jakarta is located on the north-west coast of the Java Island.

Indonesian Islands: Country of contrasts and contradictions

It has got wonderful places where men never reached;
The atmosphere still wild makes this region a perfect example of the world’s biodiversity and the 150 actives volcanoes offer landscapes absolutely dazzling.

In contrast with this peaceful and natural oasis, there are modern, cosmopolites and overcrowded islands where pollution is a constant value and traffic is always on time.

But Indonesia has to be enjoyed, because its beauty is made up of its contradiction.

The national motto is iconic
Bhinneka tunggal ika

Unity in diversity

Let’s use a schematic illustration, it defines better this country:

The 4 biggest islands are Borneo (Kalimantan) shared between Indonesia and Malaysia, Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Between the smallest and more visited, we can recall Bali, the favourite. But there are also Lombok, Flores, Timor and Komodo.

More over from the East, there are the Moluccas, a thousand of famous islands that are highly recommended for the production of spices.

Indonesia is infinitely beautiful with its incredible beaches, splendid waterfalls and postcard landscapes.
The huge diversity of its islands allows everyone to find his own paradise.
Do you prefer wilderness, or you are not afraid to walk through the crowd of a big city?

Let’s discover the peculiarities of the most beautiful Indonesian Islands, listed in our Top Ten:

  1. Bali, a MUST. It’s true that it’s a chaotic city, bounded and polluted but Bali is a perfect starting point to deepen oneself into the colours, perfumes and culture of this Indonesian island mainly Hindu!

Just rent a motorcycle and go through it, upside down…
The inland is represented by Ubud surrounded by shining terraced rice paddies. It’s considered to be the artistic bulk of Bali where stand numerous artisanship, massage salons, art galleries and artists.

Don’t miss the Monkey Forest Temple, a huge forest-sanctuary composed by waterfalls, temple and extended jungles areas where about 600 macaques live freely.
Those lovely animals are wise and spiteful. They are going to make you laugh and entertain you but be careful with your bags! If there is something to eat inside… they could become greedy!

2) Near to Bali, there is Lombok. It’s surely a less crowded island but more primitive and undiscovered.
Extremely beautiful and widely rich, it’s a step you wouldn’t miss for any reason!

For mask lovers and those interested by fins and life under tender, at the east coast shore of Lombok, you could find a 500 square meters island called Gili Kondo.
Completely pure, it’s optimal for snorkelling in a marvellous atmosphere.

3) Quiet sea, crystalline waters and white beaches…
In front of Lombok, we find the Gili Islands. It will seem like you were in a natural paradise with an exotic flavour; there are no streets and no cars; the narrow pathways are taken by walking, riding a bike or driving trucks attached to horses.

The Gili Islands are three small islands parts of the Caribbean Sea:

Gili Air is the nearest from the coast. It’s very small, quiet and wild.

Gili Meno is the Eden Garden for the couples. The beaches are big and it’s worth snorkelling there! What about the evenings? Only tenderness, love and poesy.

Gili Trawangan is the funniest and the more alive. It’s more accurate for those who, even during the holidays, don’t intend to renounce to the enjoyments.


4) The Komodo Island offers landscapes, splendid waterfalls, wonderful subsea immersions and the possibility to get face to face with an animal that dwells only there and can’t be found nowhere else: the Komodo dragon.

The famous dragon is like the emblem of Indonesia! In fact, it’s all about very big reptiles, not really friendly and considerably aggressive; Very calm animals, it’s difficult to perceive them from the guided pathways!

5) Flores is at its expansion phase. It is a mixture of beaches and savannah; you will remain amazed by your wonderful adventures there!

The surrounding village is called Wae Rebo. On your way to go there (it’s not simple but it’s worth our efforts), nature will bring out for you splendid views and astonishing landscapes.
The most incredible feeling is given by the retiring village hidden by the cloud and the trees. You will have the pleasure to encounter the local people and meet their most intimate and fascinating tales.

Do you have more time to spend in Flores?

Don’t miss the national park of Kelimutu, the apple of the eye of this island: inside the Kelimutu volcano’s crater, tree differently coloured and shining lakes give you a unique show like nowhere on earth!

Their tints keep on changing with time thanks to the minerals presents in water and mostly because of the sunrise which allow those mirrors of water to shine bright; rewarding your efforts to arrive there.

By the way, if you are arrived there, don’t allow you to miss precious occasions like these.
Your heart will be satisfied.

6) Sumba Island is one of the biggest islands and goes on for 11 square meters; its population is made of more or less 610,000 habitants.

Forget about the pollution of the city and its stress, this city will make you dream.
The fact that it’s not so famous makes it perfect for those who, during trips, don’t like to share landscapes (and photos) with thousands of tourists.

With its white beaches, cliffs and splendid waterfalls, Sumba is excellent for surf passionate and for those who are curious to know more about the culture and tradition of the local people.
In fact, on the island, you will easily find music, dance and folkloric parties’ at which you can participate.

Famous for its horses, its big megalithic graves and also for the Ikat (traditional handmade textile fibber), here it looks like you were back to the origins and you will feel united with this land that you could never forget.

7) Paradise, dream and fable exist and we call it Mentawai.
In addition to the great natural beauty, the peculiarity which distinguishes this island is the presence of an aboriginal tribe named Suku Mentawai.

Because of the modernization, they have been constrained to move into the bulk of the tropical forest but still today, they are rooted into their ancient traditions. They have even established a spiritual relation with nature, they pray the nature and every hunt is driven by propitiatory incantations.

They all have the same tattoos which are gained with time.
They are proud of possessing shamans and believe that spiritual strength comes off from it.
This tribe is also famous for the tradition of sharping their teeth; it’s like a beauty ritual for them. Nowadays it’s prohibited by the Indonesian government because it quickly damages teeth.

…Ah! This island is a must for the surfers!!

8) Derawan is a small island located on the shore of the Eastern Kalimantan coast, in the middle of the Indonesian Borneo.
It’s characterised by calm water, lost island in the ocean, very high palmers, white beaches, cottage and stilts floating on the sea…

We don’t even talk about the submarine life! 507 different corals, incredible and huge turtles, mantas, barracuda, dugongs and Dolphins; that’s why it is considered to be the world’s third best destination of immersion.

With the islands of Samana, Maratua, Panjang, Sangalaki and Kakaban, it forms a small archipelago which reminds Maldives; a perfect tropical paradise.

The renowned Kakaban offers wonderful immersion sites and keeps a lake of brackish water where the only “habitants” are jellyfish. There are small ones, of four different species, strangely brown and not stinging! Weird, right? But special and unique!

Sangalaki Islands gets the biggest Indonesian nesting site of turtles.
Every day, you can admire turtles expelling eggs on the sand; they find here a protected place for reproduction.  I may say that taking a bath nearby this fantastic animals living on the island is guaranteed.

9) Belitung, Sumatra.
Crystalline waters, turquoise sea, white pearl beaches and magnificent granite formations on the shore… Belitung is one of the most beautiful islands of the Asiatic South-East.

Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Tinggi are its best beaches; not too much bounded, they offer palmers, coconuts and relax… The peace of mind.


Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan

Indonesian Islands - Sulawesi


You also fell in love with Indonesia?

Of its peaceful and kind people, its stressless lifestyle, its incredible marine spectacles and its pure nature… and there will be so much more to tell, to do and to relate!

Starting from the international, mystic and spiritual Java, to the wild Moluccas!
You will go back home with a heart full of experiences and memories

Of this Reign where the
creator sovereigns.


What’s next? Will you share your experience with us?





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