Honeymoon, travel to Hawaii: what to see to Hawaii?

Hawaii is a perfect destination; Sun, Palms, flowers, relax, Ocean… a Paradise!

We are at the beginning of February and many couples who have chosen the summer to get married, are thinking about their honeymoon.
Hawaii is the perfect destination, specially from June to September!

You can go after visiting New York, or after visiting every corner of California or the wonderful Canyons … and if you have doubts about which is the best destination for the month you plan to travel, well, read here : Month for Month the right destination.

We visited three Hawaiian Islands during our honeymoon, after having spent 10 days exploring California on the road. Many people ask us which Island is the most beautiful, how much time to spend to enjoy the tranquility but also visit the wonders that these Islands have … we don’t have an answer. Every Island is a masterpiece of nature and depending on the size of island you need at least 4/5 days or better a week to explore every corner.

Located on the south of O’Ahu Island and above the Big Island,
in 45 minutes of flight from Honolulu,
Maui will captivate you.


Maui – Hawaii

Honeymoon, travel to Hawaii – Maui

Colorful, rich in vegetation, with incredible beaches, beautiful waterfalls, animals of every species and the largest sleepy volcano in the world … Maui, called also the Island of the valleys, is a Paradise.

According to legend, this island was born thanks to the demigod named Maui, who while fishing offshore to demonstrate his ability as a fisherman to the family, his hook was entangled at the bottom of the ocean and incredibly emerged from the seabed an island!


Honeymoon to Hawaii – discover Maui

Finally our honeymoon in Maui! First advise is to rent a car (as you know, we always use rentalcars.com)!

With the car we can take the scenic route Highway 360, thanks to which we will discover waterfalls, forests and wonderful views!

We start discovering the West area of Mui, here we will find the touristic Lahaina, where the weather is always dry and sunny, Lahaina means in fact “Sun relentless”.

This is a historic city that from 1820 to 1845 was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii and residence of the Kings, today has become a city rich in restaurants and nightlife. The main road is Front Street, the heart of the town.


Honeymoon to Hawaii: must see in Lahaina

Plantation Museum, a Museum dedicated to the period around 1880, where the monarchy was reversed by some entrepreneurs Americans implanting industry of sugarcane, taking control of the Islands. A piece of history really interesting! Free access.

This is a Pearl that few people know! In the area called Banyan tree Park, stands stately a huge banyan tree imported from India and planted here in 1873 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first arrival of missionaries Protestants Americans. In 1873 was high just 2,5 meters, now stands in height over 18 meters! It is really impressive!


Hawaii beches: Kaanapali – where the sand meets the black rock

In this Island there are beautiful beaches, a short walk from Lahaina, the most popular is the Kaanapali Beach. Probably is one of the beaches more touristic, an imposing strip of black rock size these 5km of Beach at right angles, creating an area coveted by snorkeling lovers, diving lovers, becoming the ideal place to observe the sea turtles … and who knows, even Dolphins !!

Travel to Hawaii

Hawaii beaches: black rock – to see the whales

Not far from Kaanapali Beach, here we go to the Beach of black rock also known as Pu’u keka’a. In the past was considered sacred place, today is perfect for snorkeling lovers and from November to May you can spot the whales!

Goneymoon hawaii - Black Rock

Black Rock Beach

Honeymoon to Hawaii: must see in Makena

Let’s move to the South, and we discover the Makena Beach and the Molokini Crater.
Makena Beach gives us magical colors, it is quiet, not to much crowded, with a incredible crystalline sea, many turtles and a beautiful views of Molokini!

Formed by ancient volcanic eruptions, this half-moon shaped crater reaches 100 meters below sea level.
Thanks to the fact that it is rocky and not sandy, the water is incredibly clear! Here are thousands and thousands of tropical fish, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world; it is a real sanctuary of underwater life and one of the favorite destinations for snorkelling enthusiasts. The Molokini was exploited for fishing until the 1950s and even for the bombing drills, but fortunately in 1977, the site was declared a Marine Protected Reserve. Seeing it is an experience not to be missed!


Honeymoon in Hawaii: on the way to Hana

We are in the east of the island, and the road to Hana hides incredible wonders.
Hidden waterfalls, forests, jungles, secrets and breathtaking views… we cannot take this journey that will lead us to discover unique beauties!Travel to hawaii -Honeymoon

One of our stops will be at the Waianapanapa State Park, the most beautiful black sand beach of the entire island.

I also want to mention the Kaihalulu beach, with a wonderful red sand.
Kaihalulu means stormy sea in Hawaiian language, and that’s exactly what awaits us in this red sand beach; the path that leads us here is impervious and uphill, and for the currents that stir the sea it isn’t always possible to swim. But the colors that gives this oasis of peace are priceless! Dark red sand that contrasts with the blue of the sea, and the bright green of the trees that stands out against the walls of black lava.

Hiking shoes and desire to adventure, we can’t miss another precious gem of Maui; The pools of Ohe’o (Ohe’o Gulch), also known as “The Seven Sacred Puddles”.
The area is beautiful, the waterfalls form many natural pools where you can swim. A true spectacle of nature. Consider going early in the morning to not find it too crowded.

This is also the starting point of the Pipiwai trail (do not miss it!) And it is part of the Haleakala National Park.

Honeymoon, Travel to Hawaii: Haleakala National Park

Getting there involves climbing for several meters driving to impervious road, but don’t give up, what awaits you is at the top is UNIQUE.

I fell in love with the Hawaai; it allows you to have the sea, relax time, the sun … but also discovery, trekking, adventure. The Haleakala Volcano was what literally stole my heart, even today when I want to relax I close my eyes and go back there with the memory. It’s gorgeous.

Wake up early and take Route 378 to reach the top of the mountain and admire the sunrise from one of the most magical places on earth. It is the largest sleepy volcano in the world, nicknamed “the house of the sun”. According to a local legend, the demigod Maui imprisoned the sun here to extend the day. In reality, from here you can be charmed by the beauty of the birth of a new day.

Honeymoon - Travel to Hawaii


Dress heavy because the wind is strong and the temperature goes down, and prepare to explore the Haleakala crater. Flowers as strange as unique and you can see them only here in the world; the landscape seems lunar, desert, but it offers incredible colors, magical shades … To understand this beauty you have to go there, it is inexplicable. From here starts the Pipiwai path, which runs for 6 km, which will take you to the Waimoku Falls and the above-mentioned swimming pools of ‘Ohe’o.

Honeymoon - Haleakala

Travel to Hawaii: Hookipa Beach – a surfer’s paradise

I didn’t mention the beaches of the north of the island, but I’d like to give you some advice: Hookipa beach. It is a paradise for surfers, the waves too high for swimming are perfect for those who want to ride them! And the sunset? It is like a postcard.


See you soon with a new article on another Hawaiian island!


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