Eclectic, extravagant, universal, multi-ethnic, complexand colourful,You are about to start your Honeymoon in New Yorkthe Big Apple, a city spoiled with spell and brightness.


Easily reachable those days in respect to some years ago, the Big Apple is the best starting point for an exciting trip which will offer irreplaceable memories.

All along this article, we will discover what to do and where to go in New York for a period of 5/6 days so that, with your days left, you can fly toanother destinationand enjoy your lovely honeymoon. Take with you a map (it will be great if you have a GPS on your smartphone) and don’t forget to buy the Citypass or the New York Passwhich will allow you to save money on the entrance tickets to the main touristic attractions. Ah! Also take with you the metro map, it’s essential.

First of all, you need to know that New York City is divided into 5 districts:

1) Manhattan   2) Brooklyn   3) Bronx   4) Queens   5) Staten Island
Manhattan - New YorkManhattan is the“true” New York, the bulk of the city and our starting point.

It’s divided into Downtown (or Lower Manhattan) at the South, Midtown in the centre and Uptown (or Upper Manhattan) at the North.


1) Stay in the Upper Side of Manhattan, at North, allows you to be far from the more chaotic Midtown while still having main touristic attractions nearby. Here, you are at 10 minutes metro from the Times Square; the zone is well connected with metro lines. It’s an area full of restaurants.

2) If you want to stay in the central Midtown, you’ll have lots of choice because there are countless hotels; especially at the Times Square! They cost more but it’s normal, you are located at some walks from the most important attractions. If you want to go around using metro, it will be very easy, numerous metro go in and out.

 3) If you want to spend less but still staying in a good hotel, I’ll suggest you to go for a different district which is near to Manhattan, for example Queens.

Depending on where you decided to stay, you could choose where to start your tour: it could be from the South, the Centre or the North part.
I advise you to go around walking; New York deserves to be scrutinized in all its angles.


Assign at least one day to visit this area of New York

This zone is less touristic but still incredible; it’s immerged in the green of Central Park.
Put aside some time to walk through this park; it’s the world most famous park, a magic spot of peace.
Central ParkThe most famous quarter of this zone is Harlem, the bulk of the Afro-American culture; don’t miss it. The two main streets of Harlem are the 125th StreetandLenox Avenue: full of shops and pubs.

While you are in Harlem, don’t forget to go to church; the service starts at around 11 am. You will be delighted by amazing Gospel choirs. The biggest (and the most crowded) church is the Abyssinian Baptist Church but there are other churches like Antioch Church, Bethel Gospel Assembly or the Canaan Baptist Church.
Harlm GospelOther important attractions in the Uptown:

  • Columbia University: it’s one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Theodore Roosevelt, Barack Obama and more others studied here; A tour throughout the campus is a must (and it’s free).
  • Lincoln Center: it’s a group of buildings between the Columbus Avenue and the Amsterdam Avenue. It’s mainly dedicated to spectacles.
  • Metropolitan Museum: here, you will admire pieces of the contemporary art in the biggest museum of New York.
  • Museum of Natural History: it’s a huge touristic attraction. It’s famous for its incredible collections which tell millions years of story on earth’s evolution.


Assign two entire days to visit this area of New York

This is the central part, the most famous and touristic; it’s the heart of Manhattan;
Here are the most important attractions; you don’t have to miss it for any reason.

  • Empire State Building: stately skyscraper and important symbol of New York.
    Empire State Building
  • Rockefeller Centre: it’s a group of 19 commercial buildings standing on the fifth street; they have been designed and built by the well-known American family of Bankers Rockefeller. Just go inside and reach the Top of the Rock; from there, you’ll enjoy an astonishing view on the city.
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral: exactly in front of the Rockefeller Center. It’s the biggest gothic decorated cathedral of North America. The contrast with the very high skyscrapers is spellbound.

St. Patrick's cathedral

  • Fifth Avenue: it’s the most famous street of New York for shopping!
  • Times Square: going through the renowned theatres of Broadway, you will remain speechless in front of the wonders you’ll see.
    Viaggio di Nozze New York - Times-Square
  • MoMA: the Museum of Modern Art is one of the most important museums of the world dedicated to modern art.
  • Madame Tussauds: it’s considered to be the world best museum of wax. Don’t miss it.


  • Bryant Park: it’s a natural oasis of peace immersed in the heart of the lively and chaotic New York.A must!


Assign a whole day to this area of New York

This is where the city was born. That’s where the Dutch firstly settled when it was still called the New Amsterdam. Here we are in the downtown part of Manhattan.

Let’s start by the symbol by Excellency, the Statue of Liberty.
Statua-della-LibertàLet’s go on towards the South Ferry in order to take the ferry which will take you to the Liberty Island where the said symbol of New York and the Ellis Island rise; here you will find an interesting museum on immigration.

Let’s continue to discover the Lower Manhattan going towards… Wall Street.
wall-street-new-yorkVisit New York during holidays; at that moment, the American Bourse is at its best and the streets are overcrowded of people.Go through its dizzy skyscrapers and stop at the Trinity Church, it’s amazing. Don’t forget to visit the New World Trade Centre (Ground Floor) with the memorial of the Twin Towers.

And for a well-deserved shopping, at its exit, you’ll be in front of the Outlet Century 21!

Outlet Century 21Before the end of the day, let’s visit the Civic Centre; it’s an area where you could meet the unique Pier 17. Here, you will find the South Street Seaport Museum, pubs, restaurants, shops… exactly at the feet of the Brooklyn’s bridge. It’s incredible to reach there at the sunset, absolutely dazzling.

If you have some time left, don’t hesitate to visit Little Italy e Chinatown areas!

Up till now, there have been full days spent to visit New York but to visit all its districts, we need much more time. So for the remaining days, I suggest you to visit the beauties of the district of Brooklyn.

Thanks to the 18 metro lines connecting to Manhattan, Brooklyn is easily reachable. Let’s start the first in the most chic area, the Brooklyn Heights (exactly next to the Brooklyn Bridge).

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge New York NY NYC from Brooklyn USA

Walking through the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, you will find out stunning landscapes of Manhattan. It’s an expensive zone; it’s residential but always crowded by both local and foreign people.

Williamsburg, at some walk from there, is one of the most hexcentric and on top areas.

Rich of Hipster, anti-system and eclectic artists; full of pubs, it is ideal for a night out in Brooklyn.

Dumbois a small jewel of Brooklyn which, from industrial zone, has become one of the most expensive zones. Just take a look at this area because it will offer you a breath-taking panorama on Manhattan.

There are many other areas in Brooklyn, from Park Slope with its boxes in brownstones (the singular boxes made of red bricks) to Prospect Heights where are concentrated one of the most important museums of Brooklyn like the Brooklyn Public Library, the Brooklyn Museumand theBrooklyn Botanic Garden.

TheDowntown Brooklyn is perfect for shopping while Coney Island, in front of the ocean and famous for its beaches, is characterized by its famous Luna Park which hosts the famed Russian Mountains made of wood and built in 1927.
The available days for the trip in New York are exhausted and you, newly married, can pack your things for the next destination to continue your wonderful Honeymoon.

But if you decided to spend more time in the Big Apple, I suggest you to go for the discovery of the district of Queens,the biggest of New York, highly multicultural; you will not miss to experience dishes of the world present in its various restaurants.

If you want to visit the Bronx; let me tell you that it’s better for you to go during the day. It’s considered to be a dangerous area but there are a lot of interesting places. Just plan every day with attention and don’t get lost while going order, you may end up in a nasty area; in particular, it’s better to avoid the South Bronx.

If you are curious to know the reality of Staten Island, you have to know that it’s far away from the landscapes you enjoyed so far throughout New York. The sun will not be shaded by skyscrapers but everything is normal, that’s the charm of this island.

Here is the list of restaurants and locals where you can enjoy eating… my advice is,experimental!

1) “Bouchon Bakery” – 3F Columbus Circle, Upper West Side – Manhattan. For breakfast.

2) “Patisserie des Ambassades” – 2200 Frederisck Douglass Boulevard – Harlem. For a spectacular African breakfast.

3) “Gray’s Papaya” 2090 Broadway – Upper West Side – Manhattan. For Hot Dogs.

4) “Marea” 240 Cental Park South – Midtown, Manhattan.
Italian Food, there is also fish for special occasions.

5) “Keens Steakhouse” 72 West 36th Street – Midtown – Manhattan.
One of the most appreciatedsteakhouseof the City.

6) “Contra” 138 Orchard Street – Lower East Side, Manhattan. American food.

7) “Jing Fong” 20 Elizabeth Street – Chinatown, Manhattan. Authentic Chinese food.

8) “Brooklyn Fare” 200 Schermerhorn Street – Brooklyn.
Expensive but outstanding, American food.

9) “Franny’s” 348 Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn.
Casual restaurant, unusualand… Light for pockets.

10) “Park Side Restaurant” 107-01 Corona Avenue – Queens.Italian food in a small restaurant handled by a family. You have to taste the home-made wine!


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