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From Las Vegas to the
national parks USA


We started this trip (for us it has been an unforgettable honeymoon) from California On The Road, which I related HERE, To reach Las Vegas and the national parks USA !

If someone missed the article, here it is: Las Vegas: Things to see, things to do, hotels


From California to the national parks USA

Starting from Las Vegas with our beloved Mustang (any other car will be great as well), we got straight towards east and within 2 hours and half, we arrived at the Death Valley.Death Valley - national parks USA

I’ll not stay long on this topic even if it’s worth our attention!
The Death Valley is a national park of the US and his centre locates the lowest point of North America!

It holds several wonders: rocks, salt basin, mines abandoned after the famous “gold rush”, numerous fossils… and a mountainous desert perfect for interminable walks (even if the hot weather doesn’t encourage) and climbing for those who love sport!

After the Death Valley and a break, another hour and half is needed to reach the splendid Antelope Canyon, don’t miss it for any reason.

Antelope Canyon - national parks USA



Here we are in front of the well-known Antelope Canyon: often used as background or focus of amazing cartoons, its orange colour coming from the sandstone makes it unique and dazzling. In between its soft and winding lines generated by years of water and air erosions, you could grasp the sunlight that is creating astonishing light effects. It’s breath-taking.

I would like to highlight the fact that the Antelope Canyon is divided into two parts: the Upper Antelope Canyon that is the most beautiful and the one getting more visitors, with only two hundred and seventeen meters but more pleasant; and the Lower Antelope Canyon. This last one is less visited, and with its four kilometres long, it holds an incredible beauty and gives the possibility to stay longer and snap (without being shove by tourists).

Through these parks, you obviously need a guided tour because there may be floods or flooding. The tour lasts for about one hour and half and it’s even possible to book for the tour at the nearby Page.

At Page it’s also possible to stay for the first night! We spent the night in that small city mainly belonging to the Navajo, and the next morning, we took part to the guided tour at 11 departing from the Page. So, we have been able to catch the light inside the Canyon that reflects on the sandstone walls to create unique forms and colours!

Antelope Canyon - national parks USA

After spending the morning to admire this natural spectacle and after having a healthy lunch (we ate in a fast 🤣 ), we continued our journey towards the fabulous Monument Valley. We took almost 2 hours to get there.




Monument Valley - national parks USARed sand, huge boulders, monoliths eroded by the wind and creating tremendous drawing that outline against the horizon: this is the Monument Valley, reserve managed by the Navajo.

It’s possible to visit the Monument whether using your car or joining a guided tour. In the first case, I advise you to rent a SUV so that you could easily drive on those dirt roads. We are already comfortable with and trust to rent cars because they always have the best prices and offer optimal services.

For what regards the guided tour, it departs from the city around Flagstaff or Page areas (they are far away from each other for about 2 hours) or from hotels that rise directly on the valet like the Goulding’s Lodge where we booked; it has a splendid view on the valley.

Monument Valley

The days are full but they offer us amazing experiences and leave us speechless in the awe of the nature which spreads out unique shows; once arrived here, you can’t miss the famous (and incredible) Grand Canyon, at almost two hours and half from the Monument Valley.




Part of the UNESCO World Heritage and instituted on February 26th 1919, the Grand Canyon National park, in Arizona extends for 4927 km² (1,902 mi²) and in its inside we find the Grand Canyon.

What is the Grand Canyon? It’s a big gorge created by the erosion of the Colorado lake and its tributaries that after thousands and thousands of years have originated (according to some theories, there were also seismic events) this giant crater with its marvellous landscape.

I’ll start by telling you that to visit the Grand Canyon as it is, one day is not enough; it could be possible if you decide to visit only some parts.
Let me put it in another way…

The Grand Canyon is divided into two parts: the NORTH RIM and the SOUTH RIM distant of 30km.
The South side is famous for tourism, more beautiful and equipped; the Nord side is quieter, less touristic and more exhausting.


Grand Canyon South Rim:
Even if the South Rim is the most touristic, you can’t just put it aside: the commodities help you through the journey! There are shuttles stopping at the main panoramic points, different restaurants and as I already said, numerous amazing views that are worth to snap! Taking the Rim Trail, you’ll find the Mather Point, the Grandview Point, Yavapai Point, Hopi Point, to mention only these. As for me, the most beautiful was the Desert View, the highest point of the South Rim where from another tower, one can enjoy the panorama a 360°.

Grand Canyon - national parks USA

Grand Canyon North Rim:
More peaceful, less crowded and less comfortable: this is the North Rim.

Closed from October to middle May, the most preferred ride is the North Kaibab Trail; it’s an 8 kilometres route suitable for professional walkers and trekking lovers while the easiest route is the Widforss Trail. Don’t forget to take with you water and food, there are no restaurants there.



Too many information at once? Let me add another one that is very important.


Grand Canyon Skywalk
For those who have some days left to spend in this splendid park, just ride your car for 4 hours in direction of the Grand Canyon West Rim, you’ll find yourself at the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It’s a panoramic and transparent platform with a shape of an iron horse on which you can walk or sit, directly suspended on the Canyon.

Inaugurated on March 20th, 2007; large of 21 meters and high over 360 meters, I can say that it’s not adapted to whosoever suffers from vertigo!Parchi degli Stati Uniti

It’s avoided to go around there by car, there is a parking provided outside; and you are not allowed to go in with drink or food, you could buy it inside; even snapping is not permitted (I can’t believe it) but you could pay for pictures inside there.

Even if the place is purely touristic and that every interdiction is made on point to increment incoming, it remains a unique place in the world that will allow you to enjoy unforgettable moments and panorama.



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