Discovering the shopping streets in Italy

After the NORTH and CENTRE,
here we are in the SOUTH of Italy, the country of pizza!

shopping streets in italy


Italian land encircled by 4 regions and in front of the Adriatic Sea we find Molise.
Campobasso, the chief town, is a young and dynamic city where Corso Vittorio Emanuele with its wonderful stores is the shopping centre.

Passing through the old town, we can’t forget to stay a while at the top of the artisanship district: the small square Palombo and the street via Cardarelli; The main activities are the small shops of artisanship, jewelleries, goldsmiths and artisanship specialized in drilled iron treatment.

shopping streets in italy

Campania – Pompei

“See Naples and die”, says J.W. Goethe wondered by this city which is the ideal destination for business lovers.
For luxuous shopping, there are some important streets: Via dei Mille, Via Filangieri, Via Calabritto and Via Carlo Poerio. Nearby Piazza dei Martiri and Via Alabardieri, you’ll find Italian and international trend stores.
While, for affordable shops and common style, you can go straight to the streets Via Toledo and all along Corso Umberto I, both situated at the heart of the old town.

shopping streets in italy

The Vomero is also a famous area for shopping. The streets Via Scarlatti and Via Luca Giordano are dedicated to stores of famous trend, while good deals are leading all through the neighbour back streets.
Markets like “Mercatino di Antignano”, on the Piazza degli Artisti or traveling markets like “Mercato di Poggioreale” expose everything you may need: typical gourmet products, wearing, gadgets.

shopping streets in italy


Let’s fly straight to Bari and here we are in Via Putignani and Via Dante, but the main area of the city framed by palm trees is Via Sparano, only for pedestrians.
In Corso Cavour, who goes from the station exit, we can find a lot of wearing shops for the youth.
The streets of the old town are peculiar and dazzling. Especially the street Via delle Crociate, which is bounded by numerous stores, offers a huge range of typical products and delicious dishes of Bari like the well-known focaccia and the tasty orecchiette.

Discovering the shopping streets in Italy , we are in …



In Basilicata we stand ovation to Matera. It has been a heritage of UNESCO; it has also been elected City of Culture 2009.
Excavated inside the tuff, it represents the pride of the local people. Matera is perfect for week-end of relax, suavity and class.
People’s mind is not turned towards mall or luxury shops. In fact, at Matera you’ll mostly find small boutique, ancient shops, workshops and markets of food. And there is an amazing panorama, a place like none on earth.

The shopping journey starts from Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the heart of the city. It’s the main meeting point of Matera. From there, are splitting two important streets: Via Del Corso and Via Roma. The first is unavoidable for shopping thoroughfare and the second one leads directly to the street Via Lucana, ornamented by wearing shops, boutique of food products and also olden focaccerie.

Via Ridola, with its huge architectural heritage, is beloved by tourist because it beholds the best view of the city; also here we find a lot of wearing stores, galleries of art, wine shops and bar.
Five minutes from there, we are in Piazza del Sedile, where stays the head office of the conservatory inside the Renaissance building which stands stately on the square. From here are splitting streets where you may find shops and workshops. There you could buy handmade articles in tuff and the symbol of Matera: the Cucù.


shopping streets in italy

San Nicola Arcella – Calabria

Reggio Calabria is the tip of the Italian boot.
Stands in front of the Messina’s channel and is the suitable destination for those who love the sea, the sun and flavours made in Italy.
The tour starts from the heart of the city, Piazza De Nava, but the main shopping street is Corso Garibaldi. Together with the crossing streets, create a huge area of luxury stores, wearing for youth, shoes shops, jewellery and restaurants.


Palermo’s Cathedral

At Palermo let’s meet up in Piazza San Domenico, well-known for its jewelleries. We reach easily Via Roma, very important street for shopping in Palermo. There is the famous “la Rinascente”.
We are in the bulk of the old town.
From here we go on until Via Ruggero Settimo, where low cost shops and coliseums alternate, on that way we reach the smallest ancient shops. Going ahead we find ourselves in Via della Libertà where the shopping is dedicated to most famous trends, and in Via Maqueda, where everything is cheap and the journey goes on in the midst of small jewelleries, Italian, Indian and Chinese.
Per una giornata in un’oasi di tranquillità ,raggiungiamo il Sicilia Outlet Village, il più grande dell’isola, vicinissimo all’Autostrada, è facilmente raggiungibile da Catania e Palermo.

shopping streets in italy


Last but not the minor, here it’s the Sardinia!
Cagliari: near the Largo Carlo Felice, which host a lot of stores. In Via Roma there is the “La Rinascente”, where we may find everything we need: from house items to clothes.

In Via Manno, Via Garibaldi and Via Alghero, there are numerous shops, from italian and international coliseums to luxury stores, from elegant ancient shops to reachable shops to all.

In Via Paoli, stores, clothing chains, shoes and fitting stores, jewelleries, bar and ice-cream shops occupy the area and form a real shopping centre at open sky.


Here ends our journey through the Italian shopping streets!


“When you go to the South you cry twice, one you arrive and then when you leave”

Cit. Alessandro Siani – from the movie “Welcome to the South”

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