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Discover the Gulf of Naples: Ischia, Procida and Capri

Dominated by Vesuvius, today I tell you about the incredible beauties hidden in the islands of the Gulf of Naples.
From the mountain of Procida to Punta Campanella to the south, the gulf stretches for 195 km and consists of the entire Gulf of Pozzuoli, the Vesuvian coast, that of Sorrento, and some of the most important islands are the famous Ischia, Procida, the genuine Vivara and the elegant Capri.
Lovers of nature, of the sea but also of the nightlife, here everyone finds their corner of paradise.

Gulf of Naples

Islands of the Gulf of Naples: Ischia

Let’s start from the largest island of the region Campania, the third bigger Italian island (after Sicily and Sardinia, think!) Famous all over the world thanks to its thermal springs hidden in the subsoil that each year attract crowds of tourists for the quality of the waters: Ischia.

Divided into two hamlets, its historic center, Ischia Ponte, is of disarming beauty. The Aragonese castle is the most visited monument of the island, built in the distant 474 BC. C. which I absolutely recommend to see; Ischia Porto, instead, represents the fishing village that in the evening becomes the theater of night life.

Islands of the Gulf of Naples: Procida

Delightful, quiet and silent, Procida is the smallest of the islands of the Gulf (or bay) of Naples.
Its charm has remained unchanged, perhaps due to the little tourist flow. This island is characterized by simplicity and genuineness, is appreciated by artists and poets who have made movie sets (“Il Postino” to name one) and settings of novels.

Two beaches deserve: the Pozzo Vecchio beach and the Chiaiolella beach, the most popular. Do not miss in Procida? The Benedictine Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo in the village of Terra Murata.

island of gulf of naples

To reach Procida you arrive at Marina Grande, the only commercial port on the island. At the disembark you will be in front of Palazzo Montefusco. Ah! A visit to the eighteenth-century church of Santa Maria della Pietà (not far away) is a must.

Islands of the Gulf of Naples: Capri

Loved by all,we’re speaking about Capri and its famous Piazzetta that is teeming with bars and outdoor tables and crowds of tourists. Imposing on the square stands the bell tower with a majolica clock! The streets of luxury are Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Camerelle, which lead to the Certosa di San Giacomo, the oldest monastery in Capri.

If you continue the walk from Via Caramelle and you connect to Via Tragara, you’ll reach an esplanade where you can see the Faraglioni.
Glamour and luxurious, Capri is a joy for the eyes. Do not miss the gardens of Augustus, Villa Jovis and the Grotta Azzurra.
If you have time, take a traditional island tour by boat to visit coves and inlets. For those who want a quiet refuge then, visit Anacapri, in the upper part of the island.
Faraglioni – Capri

What not to lose in the Gulf of Naples? The submerged park of Gaiola

The submerged park of Gaiola is a small marine protected area of 42 hectares of sea that surrounds the Gaiola Islands and takes its name from the two islets that rise a few meters away from the coast of Posillipo, north of the Gulf of Naples.
It really is a corner of paradise for sea lovers.
It‘s possible to take guided excursions by boat with underwater vision, snorkeling and diving. I recommend you visit their site to get prepared because the access is limited.

How to reach the islands of the Gulf of Naples?

To know in detail how to land on these magnificent islands starting from the coast, here is the information on the ferries that leave from the port of Pozzuoli!

On the Gulf of Naples there is much more to say and I will certainly do it in other articles!
The Gulf of Naples is amazing! It’s sun, sea … it’s good food and good laughs as well as incredible landscapes that give postcard shots.

And you, have you ever been there?

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