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6 Classic Comfort Foods That Pair Perfectly
With Wine Cocktail

The practice of drinking wine and using it for health purposes dates back to very long ago. Even mixing wine with other ingredients to make a delicious cocktail is something that has been historically practiced, and still is a favourite for wine lovers throughout the world.
There is nothing better to beat the summer heat, or the winter blues than a nice cocktail, paired with comfort food, or delicacies that enhance its flavour and aroma.

Read on to find out the best wine cocktail recommendations and the food recommendations:

Wine Cocktail

6 Classic Comfort Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail | Red Wine Sangria
All-time crowd favourite, red wine sangria is more potent than it appears, and is perfect to combat the scorching summer sun. It is best enjoyed with family, friends or a loved one.

All you need is a chilled bottle of Spanish red wine, a cup of brandy, sugar and seasonal fruits of your choice. I recommend oranges, peaches, apples and strawberries. Mix them all in a large pitcher and add club soda and lemon for the extra zing.
Now, if you are hosting a nice brunch, you might want to continue the theme that you have going, and pair this sangria with classic Spanish comfort food like tapas, Spanish meatballs or turnovers.
If you’re looking for a comfortable day in, then in my opinion acidic red wine sangria is best balanced with a cheesy, delicious pizza.
Not only will it neutralize the acid, it will also enhance the flavour of the wine and make you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

6 Classic Comfort Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail | Mimosa
Did you know it is very easy to make your very own tasty mimosa with white wine? A sparkling Spanish white wine with pulp free orange juice and an orange or lemon slice for added garnish will give you your very own tangy mimosa!
This zesty delight is best paired with brunch specialties that are also very easy to prepare.
Don’t we all find comfort in a nice fluffy scrambled egg and toast, or crisp bread with butter or jam?

These are what you can pair your mimosa with, and enjoy a nice brunch under the sun.

6 Classic Comfort Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail | Kir Royale
A popular French cocktail, The Kir Royale is a favourite amongst the liqueur loving crowd. It is like the mimosa, in the sense that it can be made with sparkling wine, Champagne or any other red wine with a significant amount of carbon dioxide in it for that extra fizz.
The distinguishing ingredient of a Kir Royale is the crème de cassis, a sweet, black currant tasting liqueur. To make this tasty cocktail, at 1 oz. of crème de cassis in a flute glass, and add the sparkling wine to it.
In this manner, the drink will mix as you pour it.
Now, with a cocktail like this, the best suggestion is to take pair it with cheesecake,strawberry mousse or anything with sweetness and a berry base, and enjoy it with your drink.

6 Classic Comfort Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail | Mulled Wine
A treat for your body and mind in the harsh winters, a hot glass of mulled wine will relax you. It is best enjoyed with a full bodied red wine like a Merlot or Zinfandel. It is a spicy drink that tastes best when made in a slow cooker.
All you have to do is combine cinnamon sticks (2-2.5), nutmegs (2) and cloves in a pouch. You can use a cheesecloth or muslin cloth to do this. Pour the wine and add brandy and sugar to your slow cooker, and slowly heat the concoction, but don’t let it start boiling.
Slowly add the spice mix and stir. When you think it has reached serving temperature, garnish it with orange or lemon zest and serve.
Pair mulled wine with comfort food like cheese or bread that can combat the spicy flavour of the hot drink. Serve it in your favourite hot chocolate mug!

6 Classic Comfort Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail | Kalimotxo
An unconventional option, but a tangy one nevertheless, this cocktail is made by mixing an inexpensive red wine with cola. It really enhances the flavour of the wine and makes it taste very different and is therefore an interesting take on old wine.
All you need to do is a fill a tall tumbler with ice and pour the wine and cola together. Be gentle and pour in small quantities, and add some lemon juice or zest as garnish.
Pairing this cocktail with a hot curry or gravy based food will bring out the flavour of the cola and the wine, and will be a great accompaniment to the tanginess of the drink.

6 Classic Comfort Foods That Pair Perfectly With Wine Cocktail | Wine Spritzer
Like the sangria, this wine is a classic that packs a fruity punch and lots of freshness. All you need to do is choose your favourite light wine, like rosé or a mild white wine, and choose a tangy garnish.
I would suggest fruits like oranges, green apples and strawberries. Mix all the ingredients in a nice glass filled with ice, and enjoy.
This cocktail will taste great with simple and light foods that do not overpower the taste of the wine, such as salads and appetizer. Go for a simple Caprese or Caesar salad, or light summer fruits like melons and cherries.
Cocktails are a great way to add some colour and freshness to your gatherings, and pairing them with the right kind of comfort food will always enhance your entire experience.

Wine cocktail : spritzer

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