Cheap holidays in Europe and the World


Would you like to leave but you don’tt know where to go?

How many times we spend a lot of hours in front of the computer looking for the perfect destination! We find cheap flights but for countries that aren’tt cheap… otherwise, we find cheap destination but the price of flights is too high.

That’s why today I will give you an overview of the really cheap holidays in Europe and in the world! Destinations where no mortgage is needed to reach them, and where you can live with a reasonable amount of money 😉


Cheap Holidays, truly !



Flights to Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai, ranging from € 250 to € 450 depending on your country of departure.

Average per night in 4 star hotel: 60€

Best Period? November and February are the best months. To only visit the south, the best months are March, April and May, when the heat in the rest of the country is asphyxiating. The worst is October, a month of rains, while most tourists are besieging Thailand in December and August.

Buddhist elephants, shrines and Buddhist temples … we are in Thailand where the ancient mixes with modern, richness of poverty, in a perfect mix that will leave you the sign.Cheap Holidays

Cheap HolidaysWhat do you absolutely have to do? Drink Thai national beer: Singha and Chang.

If you arrive here in April, be aware that you will be in the midst of Songkran: three long days and nights where people shoot water with water guns, balloons, buckets …

What will not you be surprised? The kindness of this people!

Remember to check that from your country to Thailand you do not need a tourist visa;
It is (free) for 30 days and is issued directly to Thailand upon your arrival.



Flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, about 400-500€ round – trip.

Average per night in 4 star hotel: 70€

The best period? In the south of the country you find the dry season from December to April, while the warmer and humid period runs from the end of February to May. From June to October the perfect area is the central one, and in the North from May to October, when the summer is hot. From November to April the winter is cold and rains.

Cheap Holidays

Be mindful of New Year’s Eve, between January and early February! Celebrations make the shifts more complicated, and many shops for the occasion are close, Vietnam for this occasion in fact, stops completely.

What to do? Sailing through Halong Bay, with its emerald green water and its 2000 islets scattered with fascinating and mysterious caves, walk through the paddies, visit Hanoi and the picturesque town of Hoi An. And then the typical floating markets, the resort of Sapa, and still Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, the wonderful Tam Coc …

What to take home? Photos. Immortalize the Vietnamese farmer’s scene from the conical hat that crosses the plains full of rice, by bicycle!

Curiosity? Vietnam does not have a real religion, but numerous astrologers, shamans, guilty people to trust to discover the future, the affinity of a couple.

Please be aware before your departure informing you of the entry visa; Most tourists need this visa which allows a stay of up to one month and can not be requested on site.


Dominican Republic

Flights to Punta Cana or Santo Domingo, starts from 350 € from Italy and many other parts of the world (London and New York to name a few).

Average per night: starting from about 40€ to 80€

Best period? From December to April, when the temperatures are high and precipitations are rare and short.

Some advice: Visit the Colonial Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a network of 16 short walking routes; From the utmost architectural beauty, small shops, museums, hotels, hidden in the cobbled streets. And then Botanic Gardens, walking along the Malecón…Cheap Holidays

What do not you miss? Dominican Republic is packed with beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, national parks, waterfalls and tropical forests … Do not miss the different zipline trails crossing the jungle hanging!

We are discovering the real cheap holidays, we can’t miss to go to…


Canary Islands

Flights to Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife from 90 € return trip from London, 150/200 € leaving from Italy.

Average per night in 4 star hotel: 80€

Best time in the Canaries can be said that all year is a good time!
For lovers of high temperatures, from May to September they exceed 30 degrees, in the remaining months the temperature can be defined as spring.

The archipelago of the Canary Islands consists of a total of nine volcanic islands, seven larger and two smaller, one more beautiful than the other. The population is friendly, sunny and affectionate, always cheerful!

Tenerife has over 40 protected natural areas, the national park – Teide Parque Nacional, and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; This biodiversity allows us to varied our vacation, hiking, walking … or rest on the golden beaches or in hidden black sandy coves.

Fuerteventura is the wildest and unspoiled; Puerto del Rosario, the capital of the island, is to be seen. Like La Oliva, in the north, Antigua for windmills, Corralejo and its dunes …

The other islands? Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, Lanzarote (I told you about Lanzarote, read Timanfaya National Park and El Diablo Restaurant!)

A trip to the Canaries will allow you to vary your stay continually enriching it with new scenarios! From excursions, forests, to the sea, beaches and coves, to the well-known “movida” …Cheap Holidays

Cheap HolidaysWhat will win you? Besides all this? Well, if I didn’t convince you, I want to tell you that the sea is full of tropical fish, turtles and dolphins … and crystal clear water is very, very inviting!



Flights to Jakarta and Bali at about 500 € A / R

Average per night in 4 star hotel: 50€

Best time? Surely between July and August.

Indonesia is fascinating. From the sea, coral reefs of unquestionable beauty, until you get to talk about nature, the green oases that will conquer you…and its people, rich in history, culture and traditions!

Which islands to visit? What to do in Indonesia? Yes, I’m literally in love with Indonesia and the islands that characterize it. I’ve just talked about it in “Islands of Indonesia: the 10 most beautiful ones to live a dream,” remember?


destinazioni davvero low cost

Sri Lanka

Flights to Colombo from 500 € A / R from Europe

Average per night in 4 star hotel: starting from 90€

Best time? From January to March you can see the entire country.

Here we are in the land that for years suffered the war, internal struggles and that seemed to never come to peace. Today it has reached it, coming to develop in tourism, growing every year while maintaining the state of serenity.

What will fascinate you? Just peace. Sri Lanka is rich in culture and traditions mostly Buddhist, in a background of uncontaminated landscapes, from the green, wild wilderness.

What to bring home? Sri Lanka boasts a long tradition of plantations of tea, you have to bring away some of this tea to relive the bliss that you will have enjoyed , when you will be at your home again!




PERU'Flights to this destination are subject to many variations, but Perù is a destination for many packages and promotions. Indicatively the prices start at € 550 A / R.

Average per night in 4 star hotel: 70€

Best time? Between June and October.

Here we are in the Land of Inca; its history it will win and take us for a walk through time allowing us to be face to face with the majestic Machu Picchu, called one of the most mysterious places in the world. Not to mention the lines of Nasca, mysterious and fascinating and the capital, Lima, not to be missed!

Council! To visit Machu Picchu the places are limited, so book your excursion online before leaving.



Now you don’t have more excuses, do your suitcases and start your trip!
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But the true travellers are they who depart
For departing’s sake; with hearts light as balloons,
They never swerve from their destinies,
Saying continuously, without knowing why: ‘Let us go on!’

(Charles Baudelaire)



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