With the word Caribbean, we all imagine a wonderful beach, a hot sun, relax and enjoyment; in fact, there are all those things and much more. Today I’ll suggest to new married things to do in the Caribbean during their honeymoon, precisely in the Antigua Island.

There are two main seasons in the Caribbean, the cold season and the hot one.

During the cold season which goes from December to April, the temperature remains constant at about 27 centigrade and it’s the most coveted by the tourists.
While the hot period starts in late May and goes on until September. The temperature increases until 30 centigrade and the climate is wet.

But like it’s not a high season, the Island is less crowded and more agreeable to visit in and out. From August to October, the probability of raining is high while during the other months it rains rarely and when it happens, it’s not abundant and quickly the Caribbean sun regains the sky.

is a small Island in the heart of the West Indies. It is part of the state of Antigua and Barbuda and its capital city is Saint John’s, the principal port of the Island located in a protected bay.

The International airport, where flights coming from all over the world land, is located here.
Fascinating, from the infinite beaches to the crystalline sea, Antigua is a small piece of paradise.

Perfect destination for lovers of sea and maritime sports; it’s the flawless place for those who want to start or end their Honeymoon in theCaribbean.

Because of its small size, it’s easy to go through Antigua with a rent car. With its 365 beaches dispersed all over its territory, the Island brags a lot of Resort, for all preferences and at all prices. I suggest you to stay in Resorts (even All-Inclusive) located on the North-West coast of Antigua, at some minutes from St. John’s.

For example, “Galey Bay Resort” is really unique and infinitely gorgeous; more ahead in the South, there is the famous “Cocobay Resort“, a quiet spot where relax is the motto.

Considering the fact that hotels located on the coast offer amazing beauties and a wonderful view on the turquoise Caribbean Sea, take your time to check and choose the more attractive Resort. At the South for example, the “The Inn at the English Harbour” is worth our attention.

It may happen that you are in Antigua between April and May, so there is the Sailing Week, don’t miss it. It’s the most important Caribbean race. Instituted in 1967, it takes place every year where more than 100 yatchs participate. You may also arrive in the Island between July and early August, so allow yourself to be driven by the celebrations and the eventful vibes of the Carnival!
Rent a car, it is better an off-road vehicle especially if you want to enjoy the landscapes from the hills ofBoggy Peak, and go to the discovery ofAntigua!

Remember that the Extreme-North and the Extreme-South of the Islands are distant of one hour. In order to drive, they will deliver you a licence but be careful; there are not enough indications, so take with you a map or a GPS.

Boggy Peak

Boggy Peak View

…Between one beach and another (we’ll talk about it very soon), don’t forget to visit:

English Harbour: it’s the most prestigious touristic destination of the Island. Located at the Southern part, it is a natural port carrying an amazing splendour. Long time age, they used to repair Britain ships here. Today, to keep that memory, there is a museum where you will be thrown back at that time of British battles.

Shirley Heights: it’s a majestic fortress considered to be the Islands’ emblem.
Unfortunately, today there are only rubbles but still it has a great value for the local people and also for the tourists. From here you’ll enjoy a magnificent panorama on the bay.

Betty Hope Estate: located in the Northern part of the Island, it is an ancient plantation of sugar cane. Reopened to all after the second half of the 90’s of the twentieth century, it hosts a museum where you can go through the plantations’ history from around 1650.
Betty's Hope EstateSaint John’s as we said is the capital city of the Island; from the narrow alleys and the woody houses, it’s a peculiar place. You must visit the Cathedral, the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda and the Museum of Marina where you can find some relicts of old ships.

– For shopping, just go to the Redcliff Quay; it’s an old area which has become the bulk of the shopping, especially for the visitors.

– The hill of Boggy Peak is the highest point of the Island; there, you can enjoy a breath-taking landscape!

Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour: is a naturalistic tour; absolutely unique, it is immersed into the lush pluvial tropical forest of Antigua. From there, various natural paths are generated. You can waver suspended in between the trees by the means of ropes or you can improve yourself with a high dose of adrenaline by the means of the zip line tour. (closed on Sunday).
They are quite infinite for such a small piece of earth. Antigua possesses 365 beaches, one for each day of the year.

For snorkeling, just go to the Cades Reef. It’s the Southern part of the Island or maybe in the Green Island, located at the East. Here you’ll find Half Moon Bay, a paradisiac half-moon of sand, pure and wild. For those who love surfing or kiting, I suggest you to go to Jabberwock Beach, it’s located at the North of Antigua.

Cades Reef

Snorkeling -Cades Reef

My advice is to go from your nearest beach and visit the whole Island. You will admire all the beaches this place could offer from the Dickenson Bay to the peaceful Runaway Bay, going towards south while reaching firstly the Hawksbill Beach and then the Jolly Harbour; I can’t forget to call the fantastic Fryes Beach…

The Caribbean food is tasty and I’m sure you’ll not miss your local dishes.

Rice is widely used and you’ll find it in many dishes. You are on an Island so you’ll find all kind of fishes. The Wahoo is diffused in the tropical waters, just try it!
Fruits will always be present at your table.You will taste delicious exotic fruits like avocado, banana, mango, papaya, plantain… I don’t need to tell you how sweet they are!
I propose you to set an entire day apart in order to visit the nearby Island of Barbuda reachable by the means of the Barbuda Express. It’s a kind of ship that will take you on that Island within 90 minutes. This ticket is expensive but it is worth.

With more or less 150 dollars (cost for adults), the offer includes a roundtrip during the day with the ferry. The visit to the wonderful caves and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary is a must!
The lunch is also included on the splendid and amazing red sand (yeah, it’s red), a peculiarity of the Barbuda Island.


What else to say to the future married? Pack your things and go!


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