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In this article we’ll discover the best greek islands to visit!
The islands of Greece are white houses silhouetted against the blue of the sea. The high sun makes the whiteness of the island really perfect but when it comes down, with its sunset it paint everything with a magnificent apricot color.
Every year the Greek islands are a popular destination for holidays, reached by several tourists who come from all over the world!

Even the Greek hinterland deserves to be visited!
Full of history that merges with mythology, unique architecture and beautiful temples! If you missed the article about Athens, here it is!
Visit Athens, capital of Greece

best greek islands to visit

The best greek islands to visit for your holidays

Holidays in Greece
I start by telling you that there are numerous archipelagos among which I mention those that we will discuss today and in the next article!

  • Archipelago of the Cyclades
  • Archipelago of the Ionian islands
  • Archipelago of the Dodecanese (or Dodecanese)
    And several others.

Let’s start with the most beautiful Cyclades islands:

I start from this island that conquers all five senses. When we talk about the Cycladic Islands we think of the more touristy ones, the bigger ones, but I want to tell you about the beautiful Milos, knowing that you’ll love it too. The “Venere di Milo” is a symbol of beauty, and this island does it honor.

The landscape, sometimes lunar, creates a wonderful contrast with the expanses of white sand and the deep blue of the sea. Rich in hidden bays where the water is more crystal clear than ever, the most beautiful beaches are Firiplaka, Tsigardo, Provatas, agia Kuriaki, Sarakiniko and Agios Konstantinos.

Isole della Grecia - Milos

Here we’re talking about the well-known and loved Mykonos. Fashionable bars in every corner, music and parties, in Mykonos you won’t be bored for sure. Although tourism on this island is not lacking, its beauty has not been ruined. The architecture that distinguishes it makes it picturesque and its sea has nothing to envy to anyone else.
The beaches I mention are Elia, Panormos, Kalafati and the most known (and super crowded) Paradise Beach.

best greek islands to visit-mykonos
Isole Cicladi – Mykonos

Best greek islands to visit? Naxos

Endless expanses of fine sand, a Caribbean sea, memories of the past that resurface. A rosy past for this island that supplied the city on the coast and the neighboring islands with oil, fruit and vegetables.

The beaches I recommend are the lesser known Panormitis and Glidos, the most famous Agios Georgios and Agia Anna with Agios Prokopios, and the crystal clear sea that characterizes them.

In Naxos it is necessary to stop for a few days not only to enjoy the sea but also its magnificent hinterland! The capital is Naxos Chora, to be explored by walking through its narrow streets, visiting its two villages, Bourgos, the ancient home of the Greeks, and Kastro, which was the Roman citadel, perched on a hill and overlooking the seafront.

In a short time, walking from Naxos Chora you can reach Grotta Beach, a rocky beach.

Naxos Isole Cicladi- best greek islands to visit

This island is perfect for those who love tranquility, a holiday with their feet in crystal water, immersed in reading a good book. Here you’ ll not find the nightlife, it will not be too crowded, Folegrandos is an island of 34 km of pure serenity and peace.
And the beaches? Karavostastis, Pountaki, Livadi and Latinaki. Ah! And Katergo?


Last but not least! it’s an amazing beauty, a pearl in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is the jewel of the Cyclades Islands.

Suspended between the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky, illuminated by the red of its spectacular sunsets and painted white by the little houses scattered among picturesque villages, Santorini will win you over.


In the next article I’ll tell you about the archipelago of the Ionian islands and the Dodecanese, we’ll go for a walk around Zante, Kos, Rhodes and Kefalonia.

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