About me

Some people say they grew up on bread and water, I grew up buried under a mountain of books that I devoured since I was a child and surrounded by diaries of the heart where I wrote everything I wanted.

I’m Martina Pieralli, Italian with an international soul, and with a boundless love for writing.

In life I have devoted most of my studies to an area that at some point I discovered staying close.
It is 2016 when Some Travel Ago was born from my need for expression, to find the passions that I had closed in the drawer.

 It was born out of an inner necessity but immediately became a community that supports me day after day and that allows a small and inexperienced Travel Blogger to fall in love with the Web and to want to start over, with his head this time on books, to learn everything which is part of marketing.

Today I’m Social Media Manager, Seo Specialist Copywriter and Content Creator.


What was a nascent Travel Blog in 2016 is today a website that represents my work, my showcase, my pride.

I like to call it a Travel Blog seasoned with a pinch of personal reflections, a handful of projects and lots and lots of love.

Expert in adventure travel, on the road and in a group, I have never learned to travel alone, because traveling first of all means sharing.

Gianluca is my life and travel companion, and like me he has always been fascinated by photography; today the camera is our best friend, and after each adventure it reminds us of the wonders that we have admired and devoured with our eyes and mind.

What does traveling mean to us?

Traveling allows you to open your mind, to get out of your comfort zone, to experiment, know, appreciate, learning respect. Every people has cultures, traditions and ways of doing sometimes so far from ours as to be incomprehensible to us, but when traveling you don’t judge.

Martina Pieralli

Martina Pieralli

Owner | Editor & SMM
My life motto? "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.