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8 Reasons to Make an independently Self Drive Safari


A few weeks ago we came back from an amazing trip. We did a unique experience, an experience that any nature-loving traveler should do to keep every beauty jealously in the heart … I’m talking about Safari.

However, I do not mean to any Safari, where you sleep in a luxurious Resort and walked into the nature reserve by a Ranger on a truck with another 8/9 people and then be comfortably re-escorted into the Hotel … No .

I’m talking about a Self Drive Safari!


Self Drive Safari


But What is a Self Drive Safari?


Self drive Safari is simply an not-guided Safari.
We relied on , hired a super car suited to this type of trip, Gianluca was a driver and we went into uncontaminated nature, independently, with spirit of adventure.
It was like going back to the origins!


Why Choose a Self Drive Safari?


Kruger Park, in South Africa, is the wonderful national park we have chosen for our adventure.
Kruger National Park is South Africa’s largest nature reserve; it extends over an area of ​​around 20,000 km², approximately equivalent to Israel State.


Kruger Park - South Africa


8 reasons (7 + 1) to choose a Self Drive Safari:


Let’s start with reason number one. The Self Drive Safari is much less expensive than organized tours. Entrance to the Park costs around 25$ a day per person, while organized tours cost a lot more. Moreover, if you choose to sleep in a Resort inside the park, you will have all comfort at your disposal, but … you will pay them a lot! If you are animated by the spirit of adventure, there are some areas in the park where you can book a small bungalow, and for the bravest even camping tents. The price drops vertiginously and the experience is even more fascinating! To book camping please visit

Kruger Park Selfdrive Safari


Kruger National Park opens at 6am until 6pm. Organized day tours last up to a maximum of three hours and run through roads that everyone can travel independently. My advice is going into the park with your own car in a Self Drive Safari, and book an organized tour like Sunset Drive to name one. This will allow you to see the park at times where it is closed to the public; during the evening or even at night, you can find rare animals, hard to see with sunlight.


Self Drive Safari


Freedom. Do you want to stop watching two Impala while they are playing, maybe some monkeys do spells or watch a family of elephants? In a Self Drive Safari you will have the freedom to stop how long you want to admire animals but also trees or landscapes. The Park is a stunning beauty and in a Self Drive Safari you will have the opportunity to become more aware of it.

Sandwiches, energy bars and lots of water, Gianluca and me, spent the whole day in our car during our Self Drive Safari. And if you go to the bathroom do not worry, along the roads you will find a lot of well-marked and protected dining spots where you can stop and stretch your legs. In total autonomy.


It’s safe. Before leaving for this wonderful trip, when we said to our friends we wanted to make a Self Drive Safari everyone said us it could be dangerous; it is not. Clearly we are in a park where animals live completely freedom but with some attention there aren’t risk. Never get out of the car, do not bother the animals, do not go high speed … And it will be great!


You may think that organized tours can move around some special or narrow streets of the Park easily, and that Self Drive Safari would be more complicated. It is wrong, driving in the Park is easy! The roads are well marked by clear and visible signs, but for extreme safety, you can take a map to always know where you are; quiet, it is impossible to get lost.


To make a Safari Self Drive you need to rent a car. Here you can enjoy yourself by choosing the car you like, a 4×4 is the ideal one; drive in the park will make you feel part of nature. We have always relied on that has allowed us to have a wonderful Toyota Hilux 4×4 absolutely perfect for our adventure.


Self Drive Safari


There were 7 + 1 reasons to choose a Self Drive Safari, I dedicate the eight one to


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Did I convince you to choose the Self Drive Safari?
Rent a car on!

It will be an unforgettable journey!





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