Mozarthaus: the house of Musical genius

Mozart‘s music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe”

(Albert Einstein)

Born in Salzburg – Austria, he spent his childhood travelling all around Europe to show off his talent in front of noble audiences. Consequently, he established important contacts since his young realising fantastic musical pieces.

Let me introduce you Mozart, the musical Genius.

Once settled down in Vienna, he became the most appreciated composer of the capital.

He made a lot of money and was not saving it. In the contrary, as the luxury lover he was, he maintained an expensive lifestyle which led him to periods of economical lack.
He lived in numerous Viennese flats but the one near to the St. Stephan Cathedral, in the Domgasse n.5, is where he stayed the most and the only one still remaining.

He spent the brightest years of his life there with his wife, Constance. Today, it is a museum, Mozarthaus (House of Mozart). It’s exactly here, at the first floor of this majestic and classic building, where Mozart wrote most part of his best compositions. One of them is The Marriage of Figaro.
Mozarthaus - Mozart
The Mozarthaus is opened to all since 2006 January 27th, when was celebrated the 250° birthday of Mozart. Unfortunately, the belongings of Mozart were all lost and the rooms have been refurnished by original stuffs recalling that time.
Every day, from 10 am to 7pm, it’s possible to deepen oneself in the world of this famous composer, seeing from near his cleverness, eccentricity and his wonderful creativity.

The museum is divided into three parts:

1) The habitation of Mozart’s family (on the first floor),

2) The music of Mozart and the other artists of his time (on the second floor)

3) Vienne at his time (on the third floor)

The last three floors host the expositions related to his life and his works.

The entrance ticket is € 11.00 and there is an audio guide which tells more about the life of Mozart, so you could know him better.

Dedicated memorial to Mozart:

Taking the orange metropolitan (in Ottakring direction) from Stephansplatz and dropping at the stop Herrengasse, we reach quickly the Burggaten.
Burggaten - Wien Vienna
Initially it was a private garden only accessible to the royal family but since 1919, it is opened to all.

In this wonderful grassy oasis are located the memorial of Franz Joseph I, husband of the famous Sissi and the statue constructed in 1896 by Victor Tilgner in Mozart’s honour.Mozart - Burggaten Wien


In all the Viennese shops, you will find the Mozartkugeln.

They are round chocolates with a marzipan heart of green pistachio, all covered by a gianduja cream. They were fabricated in Salzburg (the native city of Mozart) in his honour by the confectioner Paul Fürst in 1890, about one century after his death.
Palle di Mozart -Mozartkugeln

Unfortunately, the product has not been registered so there were not several industrial reproductions. Nevertheless, the ancient confectionary Fürst keeps on doing it following the original formula.


“I am a composer and was born to be a Kapellmeister. I neither can nor ought to bury the talent for composition with which God in his goodness has so richly endowed me”

Wolfang Amadeus Mozart


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