10 must to see in Turin : visiting Italy

Turin is a multi-face city; with its huge architectural structures, its noble building and important museums, it looks Royal. From centuries now, Turin is just art and history, world opened, innovative and absolutely stunning.

There must be a reason why Turin was the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy within 1861 and 1865; it’s for the same reason part of its old town has been recognized as World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 1997.
24 hours will never be enough to uncover the treasures of this city,
That’s why I suggest you to plan 2 or 3 days to go through it deeply!

In this article, I’ll take you through the streets of Turin,
To the discovery of the most beautiful sites
You can’t allow yourself to miss.

10 must to see in Turin :

1) Piazza San Carlo and the Twin Churches
2) Museo Egizio
3) Museo nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano (National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento) and Piazza Carignano
4) Piazza Castello, Palazzo Madama and Teatro Regio (Royal Theatre) of Turin
5) Palazzo Reale (Royal Theatre), Duomo
6) Reggia Venaria (Palace of Venaria), Porte Palatine (Palatine Gate) and Mercato di Porta Palazzo (Market of Porta Palazzo)
7) Museo della Sindone and Santuario della Consolata (Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Consolation)
8) Mole Antonelliana and Museo del Cinema (National Museum of Cinema)
9) The Church of Gran Madre di Dio, Monte dei Cappuccini
10) Borgo medioevale (The medieval Village) and Parco del Valentino


Let’s start this journey from Piazza San Carlo,
It’s located at some paths from the train station, Porta Nuova:

1) Here is the lounge of Turin. We are in Piazza San Carlo where we find two churches with a XVII century style, San Carlo and Santa Cristina while at the centre there is the statue of Emmanuel Philibert on a horse. In piazza San Carlo, there are several ancient café which holds carefully the magic of the ‘old’ Turin.

10 must to see in Turin

Piazza San Carlo

2) The Museo Egizio extols more than 30,000 pieces, pharaohs’ statues, sarcophagi, jewels and mummies… It’s one of the richest Egyptians museums of the world and the biggest after the museum of Cairo!
They make Turin proud for more than two centuries.
The audio guide is included in the entire ticket price (13 €) and will deepen yourself in a trip back in time.

3) The Museo del Risorgimento Italiano is located into the wonderful Palazzo Carignano; this diamond could not have found a better place than Turin to shine bright.
It’s the most ancient and important palace; it holds the title of National Museum of Risorgimento.
You will be amazed while going through centuries of history telling about the unity of Italy.

10 must to see in Turin

Palazzo Carignano

4) 10 must to see in Turin ? Wehave to arrive at the bulk of Turin, Piazza Castello which borders many important  historical buildings; in fact, arise lordly the Royal Palace, the armoury and the Royal Library, the Teatro Regio, the Royal Church of San Lorenzo and the Palazzo Madama.
Palazzo Madama takes its name from the old castle used as residence by two “Royal Madame”, Christine Marie of France and Joan of Savoy. Today it’s the seat of the Civic Museum of Ancient Art.

10 must to see in Turin

Palazzo Madama

Besides, Piazza Castello is the meeting point of four main streets Turin: Via Roma, Via Pietro Micca, the beautiful Via Po and Via Garibaldi, one of the longest streets of Europe.

5) The Duomo ofTurin is dedicated to John the Baptist, the patron saint of the city.
It’s located near to Piazza Castello, exactly in the centre of the city.
It’s well-known because it conserves jealously the Sacred Shroud; it’s the linen cloth marked with an image of man, they say it may be Jesus.

This monument with a Renaissance look needs to be visited, it’s splendid.

6) Chosen by Charles Emmanuel II of Savoy to be his residence of hunting and pleasures, Reggia di Venaria is one of the most gorgeous ducal palaces of Piedmont.

10 must to see in Turin

Reggia Venaria

In 800, a long decline phase of the Royalty started until its complete ruin one century later. Luckily, a huge European project of rehabilitation ran up and gave back its initial magnificence; that’s how it has been declared World Heritage site of UNESCO.

In front of Piazza della Repubblica, there is the mercato di Porta Palazzo, an open market which in counted between the most famous in Europe. It’s opened from Monday to Saturday and it will throw you in an atmosphere made of daily life, simplicity and love.

7) Close to the Venaria of Turin, there is the Museo della Sindone.
This small museum offers the possibility to know more about the story and the different experiments executed on it.
The Sacred Shroud is not hidden but carefully kept in the Duomo and is visible only during the exhibitions.
In this museum, all is wrapped with strong respect.

If we are arrived till here, we can’t allow us to miss this master piece: Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Consolation, one of the oldest places of Turin.
During time, it has undergone a lot of modifications and structuration which brought it to show off a mix of stunning light, XVII century style, neo-classic and romance.
A must, especially for the Art lovers!

Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Consolation

Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Consolation

8) Mole Antonelliana is the building symbol of Turin which stands in the old town.
The name comes from the fact that in the past, it was the longest wall of Europe.
Mole Antonelliana has been built by Alexander Antonelli in 1863 to serve as synagogue and Jewish school but few years later, at the end it has been sell by the Israeli community to the state.

Mole Antonelliana

Mole Antonelliana

A glazed escalator inside the Mole takes you to the “Tempietto” from which you could admire a stunning panorama of Turin from the top.
The building hosts the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, fabulous.
You will be pushed up in a dimension of discoveries, illusions, innovations and unique inventions which brought us to enjoy the actual technologies.
Going through the years, you will learn the main laws of optics, contemplate the photo camera, the magic lanterns, the first short films; getting close to the most important protagonists of cinema, you will go out from this museum more conscious and the next time you go to a cinema, you will realise the genius hidden behind it.

9) The Church of Gran Madre di Dio is astonishing. Close to Piazza Vittorio Veneto, together with Monte dei Cappuccini, offer the best landscape of the city.
Its climb is worth our attention because the view there is spectacular.

10) Parco del Valentino is a wonderful green area of Turin, a romantic oasis of peace and relax.

Parco del Valentino

Parco del Valentino

In the earth of the park, arises the Castello del Valentino; nowadays it’s the seat of the Engineering faculty; don’t forget to visit the Medieval Village. It’s a great reproduction of a ‘400 time villages with very long walls, fortified houses, artisanship shops, small streets, drawbridges…
I assure that it’s a faithful copy and paste built at the beginning of the nineteenths.

Medieval Village

Medieval Village

Those 10 must to see in Turin ,
You will absolutely be immersed in a city which is all to uncover.

And you, have you ever been in Turin?
Just share with me your experience !


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